Bender's Game Part 3

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Season 5 episode
Derived from Bender's Game
Broadcast season 6 episode
Bender's Game Part 3
Frydo and Leegola.jpg
Production number5ACV11
Michael Rowe
Eric Kaplan
Directed byDwayne Carey-Hill
Title captionCurrent eBay bid: $8.51
First air date26 April, 2009
Broadcast numberS06E11


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"Bender's Game Part 3" is the eighty-third episode of Futurama, the eleventh of the fifth production season, the eleventh of the sixth broadcast season and the third cut from Bender's Game. It aired on 26 April, 2009, on Comedy Central. The Planet Express crew arrive at Cornwood after seeing Nibbler.

The Story

Act I

Inside the facility, the crew gets to the heart of the mine, which turns out to be a huge Nibblonian farm, whom are force feed with chickens constantly to produce dark matter. Nibbler recalls what happened on Vergon 6, with the DOOP mine crew hiring Mom to mine the planet hollow, unfortunately, Mom captures all of the Nibblonians having learnt the secret of where dark matter comes from. After being escorted by Igner, the crew manages to get into Mom's control room, where Farnsworth is very close at getting the crystals to touch, but fails.

Meanwhile, Bender's therapy is not working, and Dr. Perceptron decides to put him down. As the crystals have made all dark matter glow, Bender's imagination along with the power of crystals sends him to Cornwood. At the facility, Farnsworth swallows the crystal to avoid Mom from getting it, but while she is ordering her sons to obtain the crystal from his stomach, Bender's waves reaches them sending them to Cornwood as well.

In the alternative reality, Fry emerges as himself, Leela, however, has turned into a centaur. Bender, as Titanius Anglesmith, rides to greet them to Cornwood.

Act II

At a party at Titanius's castle, he names Fry and Leela, Frydo and Leegola respectively. Calculon arrives to inform Titanius of dark knights approaching.

They ride out to defend themselves. But it is then they discover that Frydo has been carrying the Die of Power all this time, he rolls it on accident, it rolls 7, which in Appendix G, is "Banish Foes", which is done. Knowing the Die's power, they ride to Greyfarn who tells them the story of Momon who forges the Dies of Power in the plastic. But the Die's power is too great, and must be destroyed in the very same heat from which it was forged.


And thus they ride out, on their way they meet a group of centaurs, led by Hermaphrodite (Hermes), who, as their name suggests, is intersex. To Leegola's disappointment, despite being master archers, the centaurs are pacifists. Hermaphrodite refuses to let the group pass, but they go through anyway.

After a long trip, they finally make their way into Cave of Hopelessness, in the hope of getting around Momon's forces, where they pick up Gynecaladriel (Amy), 'Queen of the Water Nymphos'. Inside they fight their way past a marauding band of 'Morcs' and have an encounter with the being of Zoidberg, which they confuse for the Tunneling Horror, the reason the Cave of Hopelessness gets its name. Leegola butchers Zoidberg in cold blood, only to discover he isn't the Tunneling Horror... the real Tunneling Horror is then revealed.

The episode ends with "To be continued".

Additional Info


See Miscellany of Bender's Game. for trivia, goofs, etc.

Film to Episode Edits

Morbo introduces the recap

In order to make this quarter of the film fit into an episode's timeslot, some transitional shots were shortened slightly, and some other larger cuts have occurred.

  • After the start of the introduction and a new caption, Morbo sits at the news desk and says "previously on puny Futurama" then walks up to the camera screaming angrily, so that the camera shows only the inside of his mouth before he devours the camera, and the recap begins.
  • A new establishing shot of the crap farm is added after the opening credits.
  • Nibbler doesn't say "yes" after Leela notes that he "made a bo-bo." he also doesn't rhetorically ask "You mean you've known I was sentient?"
  • Fry's line "Wow, the big faecal enchilada." lost the word "wow".
  • Perceptron doesn't explain that he "will begin by drilling through the eye to access the frontal processor."
  • Leela doesn't announce "Keep going, Professor. I'll take care of the ditz brothers."
  • When the crystals begin to engorge there isn't a series of shots showing glowing dark matter.
  • After Bender disappears, Perceptron doesn't say "Computational overload."
  • Leegola's first line doesn't include the word "Yeah"
  • The transformed Fry and Leela do not gasp after being welcomed by Titanius.
  • Fry doesn't say "I can't hold it in much longer. And by it, I mean my entrails."
  • Titanius doesn't say "Yeah?" before slamming his head into the table.
  • Hermaphrodite doesn't say "You may pass."
  • The fight against the Morcs is shorter.