Dr. Perceptron

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Tertiary character
Dr. Perceptron
Planet of originEarth
ProfessionDoctor of Freudian Circuit Analysis, at the HAL Institute For Criminally Insane Robots
First appearance"Insane in the Mainframe" (3ACV11)
Voiced byMaurice LaMarche

Dr. Perceptron is a doctor of Freudian Circuit Analysis, and works at the HAL Institute For Criminally Insane Robots. His physical characteristics include a head that appears to be made of a cheap plasma ball and a casing that looks like a white coat.

In 3009, he attended the ceremony for the implosion of the violet dwarf star. [ItWGY]

In 3010, he attended Planet Express's 100th-delivery party. [6ACV12]

Additional Info


  • A perceptron is a concept in machine learning.
  • Dr. Perceptron likes to help patients relax by giving them an electric shock.
  • He was seriously damaged three times:
    • Once by Roberto, to create a disguise. [3ACV11]
    • Once by accidental hammer therapy when he forgot that the Mad Hatterbot said, "CHANGE PLACES!" [BG]
    • Once by an illogical paradox because of Bender strangely disappearing. [BG]


    Dr. Perceptron: Greetings. I am Dr. Perceptron. Let me give you something to help you relax.

    Dr. Perceptron: Now, consider the following: You were admitted to this robot asylum. Therefore, you must be a robot. Diagnosis complete.

    Dr. Perceptron: Now stop, hammer time.