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Secondary character
Cornwood character
First appearanceBender's Game
Voiced byPhil LaMarr

Hermaphrodite was a hermaphrodite centaur version of Hermes, shklee was the pacifist leader of the Centaurs in Cornwood. Hermaphrodite was strongly opposed to violence, and believes in solving all problems peacefully.

When Leegola, Frydo, The Great Wizard Greyfarn and Titanius Anglesmith met Hermaphrodites, they asked shkler to use shkler archers to help them defeat the evil Momon but shklee told them that they are non violent. Later, when she thought she killed an innocent monster, Leegola went and joined the peaceful centaurs, taking part in their activities.

When Hermaphrodite and Leegola heard that Wipe Castle was to be destroyed, Leela challenged Hermaphrodite to a debate on whether they should be allowed to use violence, during which Leegola beat shkler up. Then the Centaurs used their archery skills to destroy Momon's army at Wipe Castle.

Additional Information


    Hermaphrodite: I am Hermaphrodite! The most beautiful of the centaurs! Gaze upon me and weep at my loveliness!
    Greyfarn: Very well.


  • Hermaphrodite is an old fashioned word for an intersex person: someone whose sex is indeterminate at birth. The word hermaphrodite is a reference to the intersex child of the Greek gods Hermes and Aphrodite.