I Know What You Did Next Xmas

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Season 8 episode
Broadcast season 11 episode
I Know What You Did Next Xmas
I Know What You Did Next Xmas Card.png
Bender receives a cryptic Xmas card
Production number8ACV06
Written byAriel Ladensohn
Directed byCrystal Chesney-Thompson
First air date28 August, 2023 [1]
Broadcast numberS11E06
Title referenceI Know What You Did Last Summer by Lois Duncan (1973)
Opening cartoon"Jack Frost" by Ub Iwerks (1934)


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  6. I Know What You Did Next Xmas
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"I Know What You Did Next Xmas" is the one hundred and forty-sixth episode of Futurama, the sixth of the eighth production season and the sixth of the eleventh broadcast season. It aired on 28 August, 2023 [1], on Hulu.

It is Xmas time once again, and Professor Farnsworth may have finally discovered a way to pacify the Robot Santa Claus through time travel.


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The writer of record for this episode is Ariel Ladensohn.[2] This episode is dedicated to the Kwanzaa-Bot's voice actor, Coolio, who passed-away on September 28, 2022. According to series producer David X. Cohen, he had recorded his lines for this episode prior to his death.[3]


Additional information



  • The Professor intends to "reverse the polarity" of Santa's naughty-nice sensor, which is a common phrase used for technobabble in sci-fi media and first popularized by Doctor Who.
  • At Kautzman's Second-hand Meats in 2801, the following labels of meat can be seen in the glass meat display:
    • Alien Shank (likely referring to xenomorph from the Alien franchise, judging by the other names)
    • Loin of Predator
    • Na'viwurst (Na'vi is the blue humanoid race from the Avatar film series)
    • Chudder Cheese (alludes to the humanoid monsters from C.H.U.D.)
  • The penny that the Professor uses to reverse Santa's naughty-nice sensor is decorated with a picture of the Laverne Memorial, which visually resembles the Lincoln Memorial. This is presumably the show's way to honor Laverne Cox and her role in advocating LGBT rights.
  • While the Professor travels backwards in time; Luci, Bean and Elfo from Matt Groening's fantasy animated series Disenchantment are briefly seen. This recalls a similar gag from the Disenchantment episode "Dreamland Falls," where Fry, Bender, and the Professor are seen traveling in the Forward time machine when Luci looks through a back-in-time globe.
  • The scene where Zoidberg and Bender try to dissolve Santa's body with acid and end up dissolving the ceiling/floor is a nod to an iconic Breaking Bad scene, where the two protagonists similarly tried to dispose of a body with acid.



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