Parasites Regained

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Season 8 episode
Broadcast season 11 episode
Parasites Regained
Worms Return Parasites Regainedpng.png
The Worms have returned!
Production number8ACV04
Written byMaiya Williams
Directed byCorey Barnes
Title captionFind The Hidden Story!
First air date14 August, 2023 [1]
Broadcast numberS11E04
Title referenceThe previous episode in the story, and Paradise Regained by John Milton
Opening cartoonBetty Boop's May Party by Fleischer Studios (1933)


Season 8
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  2. Children of a Lesser Bog
  3. How the West Was 1010001
  4. Parasites Regained
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"Parasites Regained" is the one hundred and forty-fourth episode of Futurama, the fourth of the eighth production season and the fourth of the eleventh broadcast season. It aired on 14 August, 2023 [1], on Hulu. Leela and the crew fight to save Nibbler from some all-too familiar parasitic worms, which are diminishing his intelligence.


Act I

Act II



The writer of record for this episode is Maiya Williams.[2] Much like "Children of a Lesser Bog," the overseas production for this episode was handled by Digital eMation.


Additional information



  • In the game of 3D crossword, the puzzle is "What's a 2x3x5 letter name, for a 3x23x29 number name, for a movie featuring a 1x4x9 object?" with the answer being 2001: A Space Odyssey. Here, 2x3x5=30 is the number of letters in "Two Thousand and One A Space Odyssey", 3x23x29=2001 is the year that appears in the name of the movie, and 1x4x9 is the ratio of the monolith featured in the movie.
  • The game of Quantum Wordle alludes to the word-guessing game Wordle, and the word is seen flashing between boson and meson.
  • "Betty Cockroach" frosting is a parody of the brand "Betty Crocker".
  • Nibbler says that his mind has degenerated to the point where he "can no longer predict the ending of an M. Night Shyamalan movie", poking fun at the fact that many movies of the said director actually feature a twist ending.

Dune references

The episode heavily relies on references to the Dune franchise, including both the books and the movie adaptations. Here is a list of all spotted references.

  • The native people are dung beetles who pronounce the word "dung" as "dune-g".
  • The dung beetles consider spitting and tear-shedding signs of respect (also Fry's pissing) due to the importance of moisture in the desert, just like the Fremen people in Dune.
  • The dung beetle guide is named "Bilgar", spoofing the character Stilgar.
  • The glitter chamber visually resembles the spice gas tank used by the Spacing Guild in the 1984 film adaptation (picture). The orange glitter is clearly a spoof of the drug melange.
  • The sandworms as well as their attraction to the rhythmic pattern of footsteps are directly taken from Dune. The pounder spoofs the original Thumper. (Sandworms that are actually giant have previously appeared in Into the Wild Green Yonder.)



Alien Language Sightings

    Time: 2:03
    Location: Quizblorg, Quizblorg ℵ1 film
    Language: AL1
    Translation: Laughter [then seconds later] Sorrow
    Note: The audience are crying at the first scene while laughing at the second one. The joke is that despite the subtitles, nobody actually understands the dialogues in the alien film.



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