Crystal Chesney-Thompson

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Crystal Chesney-Thompson
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Crystal Chesney-Thompson is a director on Futurama. She appears as her head in a jar in the episode "Lrrreconcilable Ndndifferences", which she directed. Before becoming a director, she was in charge of the animation retakes.

Unit 47's human form is based on Crystal's appearance.

Unit 47

As revealed on the commentary to "Proposition Infinity", the human appearance of Unit 47, the Professor's robot girlfriend, is based on Crystal. The script said to make her nerdy but still very cute and beautiful, and they immediately decided to base her on Crystal.


  • In the movies DVD extras, she's seen teaching how to draw Leela and Nibbler.

Episodes directed


She has so far participated in the commentaries to both episodes she has directed (released on the Volume 5 DVD).