Commentary:Fry and the Slurm Factory

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Commentary for
Fry and the Slurm Factory
Fry and the Slurm Factory.jpg
Production number1ACV13
On DVDSeason 1
Disc 3
Matt Groening
David X. Cohen
Executive producer
Rich Moore
Supervising director
Lewis Morton
Ron Hughart
John DiMaggio
Actor (Bender, etc.)

Topics of Discussion

  • Identifying actors
  • The translation of the Alien Language is:
    • The following species are ineligible: space wasps, space beavers, any other animal with the word 'space' in front of it, space chickens, and the elusive yak-face.
      • Yak face is a rare Star Wars figure of Saelt-Marae not released in the USA. Mint figures have sold for thousands of dollars.
  • Slurm is intended to sound disgusting.
    • It was one of the earliest ideas, they decided to fill the universe with numerous pop culture items.
  • Bender is slightly different color when sick.
  • Bender's 6502 processor is from the Apple 2 home computer
  • John was constantly using the "Why you so stoopid, stoopid?" line before it was written in.
  • 3D scrabble is inspired by the game 3D chess from Star Trek.
  • Billy West, while recording for Glurmo, stared at a picture of

      Gene Wilder

      • Glurmo was going to be Slurmy Slonka
    • Early on, the Grunka Lunkas were to be seen shovelling a mountain of cocaine.
    • After this episode, the writers' room gained a sign reading "Real Writers' Room".
    • Some of the Slurm shirts are in Hebrew.
    • Amy's scream when she falls down is always the same recording, Lauren records a few every time anyway.
    • The Slurm extraction process used to be more disgusting.
    • Two thirds of the episodes feature a trial and/or running away.
    • The Slurm Queen's torture scene is similar to situations in old Batman episodes.
    • Time cards are reused wherever possible. The one reading "Run away" is wearing out.
    • Slurms' party music was originally a temporary track.

    Highlights / Quotes

      David X. Cohen: [quoting the Fox censor] "Incidentally, some X-Rays can see through metal".

      Lewis Morton: That would make a good coffee table book. "The Lame Machines of Futurama".

      Lewis Morton: This is the episode for three-year-olds.
      [John DiMaggio laughs uproariously.]
      David X. Cohen: That's okay, because anyone over two counts in the Nielsen ratings.


    • A commentator notes that Fry became sterile in this episode later impregnated his grandmother, thinking this to be an error. However the worms from "Parasites Lost", between the two episodes, fix the problem.