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This article is about the network that aired the original run of Futurama. For other uses, see Fox.

The Fox Broadcasting Company (often rendered as FOX) is a television network in the United States. FOX was the original broadcaster of Futurama.

Futurama on FOX

Many regard FOX's lack of respect for the show as the cause of its original failure. FOX handled the broadcasting of Futurama so poorly that its original four seasons became five broadcast seasons, and episodes that were to air in 2002 first aired in 2003.

In addition to its unstable schedule, FOX rarely did any advertisement for the show on its own network. As a result, fans had difficulty determining when episodes were to air. Also because of FOX's censors certain scenes had to blue-penciled or removed from the episodes which is why most of them were rated TV-PG and only a few were rated TV-14.

When Adult Swim gained the rights to broadcast Futurama on cable in 2002, the show saw a much more stable schedule, despite being reruns. While people cite FOX for Futurama's failure, they often cite Adult Swim's handling of the show for its revival.

FOX was also parodied in Bender's Big Score, when Professor Farnsworth says the Box Network canceled their delivery license. This referenced FOX canceling Futurama. In an attempt to make fun of FOX, it is revealed, in the movie, that the Box Network executives were fired and ground up into a fine pink powder due to incompetence.

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