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Commentary for
Hell Is Other Robots
Hell is Other Robots.jpg
Production number1ACV09
On DVDSeason 1
Disc 2
Animatic commentaryTranscript
Matt Groening
David X. Cohen
Executive producer
Rich Moore
Supervising director
Eric Kaplan
Gregg Vanzo
Supervising director
John DiMaggio
Actor (Bender, misc.)

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Highlights / Quotes

    Rich Moore: I'd love to direct anything with 'hell' in the title

    David X. Cohen: I'm a huge Beastie Boys fan so this was exciting for me

    John DiMaggio: Bender talking to Fender, me talking to me

    John DiMaggio: No throat rubbing there

    David X. Cohen: John DiMaggio and I both from New Jersey

    David X. Cohen: There was another verse to this, Eric do you know what was cut
    Eric Kaplan: Seduction by a Nun Machine I think