Commentary:Brannigan, Begin Again

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Commentary for
Brannigan, Begin Again
Brannigan, Begin Again.jpg
Production number2ACV02
On DVDSeason 2
Disc 1
Matt Groening
David X. Cohen
Executive producer
Rich Moore
Supervising director
Jeffrey Lynch
Lewis Morton
Christopher Tyng
Billy West
Actor (Fry, Zapp, etc.)

Topics of Discussion

  • Lou talks about the cold opening and how he was invited to Skywalker Ranch to converse.
  • Matt notices how strong Leela is when she lifts the couch that Fry and Bender occupy.
  • Rich notes that Hermes says the "unspoken words" Star Trek.
  • Matt realizes "doop" spelt upside down is "doop."
    • Christopher mistakenly thinks it would be "pood."
      • David remembers that type of word is called an ambigram and Lou calls it "awesome."
  • Lou talks about the Amazonian woman coming back later in the series with an entire show about her kind.
    • David forgets this is season 2 and thinks that episode was the previous one. "I am rightfully shamed."
  • Ideas about the Neutral People. David apparently loves everything they say and how Zapp talks about them.
  • David defines "Nimbus," Zapp's ship.
  • Rich notes that complicated 2D animation often moves very fast.
  • Rich says the animated explosion of the new DOOP headquarters could be his most favourite one ever.
  • Lou questions the number of O.J. Simpson jokes in the show.
  • Billy likes the Hyper-Chicken. He describes it as a Gerry Spence voice.
  • Billy West does the Small Glurmo #1 voice and then does an impression of an analog alarm clock.
    • Rich then asks Christopher to do a voice.
  • There is a lawyer on staff, Patric Verrone, and he helped with the courtroom scenes.
  • Matt always insists on having a squeaky shoe noise when it is possible.
  • For quite some time, it was like every act ended with a sigh from Kiff.
  • Davids comments on racking focus in a cartoon.
  • Billy and David talk about what this montage is referencing, Midnight Cowboy.
  • The commentators wonder why Hattie is rich.
  • Matt believes an audience that hoots at all of the jokes would make for a good commentary.
    • Lou suggests they do it and everybody commences hooting. They hoot again when Zapp says "...service you sexually..."
  • David and Chris laugh at the SLAM button for the door.
  • The room is silent for about 15 seconds before Lou says "We've totally run out of energy."
    • Matt says this is because it's the fourth commentary they've recorded. Apparently, the first one they did was "gangbusters."
  • Matt suggests they do a commentary on the commentary.
  • Lou talks about the preposterous ship layout here. "It's an L-shaped Planet Express ship."
  • Lou has a cold.
  • Matt finds it strange that they deliver pillows.
    • David tells a story about having genuine lead weights shipped to him from China.
  • David talks about how Star Trek planets all have the same gravitational pull.
  • Talk of a deleted scene where they reach the hotel and get a tip.
    • David's favourite world record was always the world's largest coin.
  • Jeffrey talks about Zapp's growing gut.
  • Billy likes the Lovenasium.
  • David explains that a brig would be a waste of space on a delivery ship. Matt comments on the laundry (brig) room and how it's being used. David asks which character is doing their laundry.
  • David explains Fry's "pancake" rant. Billy provided the improvised noises and Dwanye Carry Hill animated it. Dwayne was promoted to the position of director for that scene.
  • The commentators point out and laugh at all of the Neutral jokes.
  • They laugh at the handle on the back of Kif's suit.
  • Bender's banjo used to be a French horn, but the writers remembered that he likes to play the banjo.
    • Billy is confused as to how he can play a banjo with "105 pound hands."
  • Lou attempts to remember a deleted scene related to the Neutral people.

Highlights / Quotes

    David X. Cohen: What is the name of those things? Ambigram, right? When a word you can look at a different way and it says the same thing.
    Lou Morton: I know what I call it: awesome.
    Rich Moore: Totally.

    Billy West (as Zapp): [After Zapp blows up the new DOOP Headquarters] Oops, I did it again.

    Lou Morton: Thank you for buying our DVD.
    Billy West: Take 'em while you can get 'em. Big credits.
    Rich Moore: You don't get that on TV.