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Commentary for
Meanwhile infobox.png
Production number7ACV26
Recorded dateSpring 2013
On DVDSeason 7
Disc 4
Matt Groening
Executive producer
David X. Cohen
Executive producer
Patric M. Verrone
Co-executive producer
Lewis Morton
Writer (did not write this episode)
Billy West
Voice of Fry, the professor, Zoidberg
John DiMaggio
Voice of Bender, Elzar
Lauren Tom
Voice of Amy
Maurice LaMarche
Voice of Luna Park carny, Ultra Guy
Peter Avanzino
Claudia Katz
Lee Supercinski


Ken Keeler's comments

Ken Keeler, who wrote the episode, was unable to participate in the commentary, as he had moved away to Asheville, North Carolina, so he sent Patric M. Verrone a set of comments for him to read on his behalf, which he entitled "Ken's Final DVD-Commentary Comments".

  1. Futurama is the best show ever.
  2. Leela should never have slept with Zapp.
  3. I'm especially glad Peter directed this episode, because I've always been amazed what a great job he did with episode two, and so now, if you ignore the pilot, he and I bookend the whole series.
  4. So far.
  5. But let's not ignore the pilot.
  6. Boy. Our actors are great.
  7. And loud. I had a theory about this that unfortunately the commentary does not have room for. Hello, math nerds.
  8. In this episode, Fry should have set the meeting for just before sunrise, not sunset. Anybody who thinks otherwise is wrong.
  9. Rough Draft are the best animators in the world.
  10. It's good we got to go back to the moon. I wish we could do it in real life.
  11. The other writers are all great. I miss them.
  12. In "Jurassic Bark", Bender should have spent more time swimming through the lava.
  13. I just discovered that, when you type "Jurassic Bark" in Microsoft Word and you have the spelling and grammar check turned on, it flags "Bark" and suggests "Park". This is what's wrong with America.
  14. Working for Matt and David does not beat working for nobody, but it does beat working for anybody else.
  15. Another thing that's wrong with America is... Leela should not have slept with Zapp.
  16. See you all back here in a couple of years.