Commentary:Attack of the Killer App

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Commentary for
Attack of the Killer App
Production number6ACV03
On DVDSeason 6
Disc 1
Matt Groening
Executive Producer
David X. Cohen
Executive Producer
Stephen Sandoval
Dan Vebber
Co-Executive Producer
Billy West
Actor (Fry, Professor Farnsworth, miscellaneous)
John DiMaggio
Actor (Bender, miscellaneous)
Tress MacNeille
Actor (Mom, miscellaneous)
David Herman
Actor (Mayor Poopenmeyer, miscellaneous)
Peter Avanzino
Supervising Director
Lee Supercinski

Topics of Discussion

  • Mayor Poopenmeyer's name originally appeared as a joke, but then he kept coming back and they kept having to use that name.
  • A lot of people were excited to see Flexo appear in the episode.
  • Scoop Chang used to work for the Beijing Bugle but now works for the New New York Times.
  • There was a lot of work put into making the planetary ring of Antares 3, and the scene in which the Planet Express ship flies through it.
  • Antares 3 is based on the real tragedy of how a lot of e-waste is shipped to underdeveloped parts of countries like India and China, where many underaged workers go through the trash to find useful scraps of metal.
  • David X. Cohen points out this episode saw the beginning of the three week run when there came a news story closely related to the episode plot every week. Exactly one week ahead of this episode, the iPhone 4 was released. Before "Proposition Infinity" went on the air, there was a news story about a voting about same-sex marriage. Around the time of "The Duh-Vinci Code", an actual Leonardo da Vinci painting was shown to have an other painting underneath it.
  • Peter Avanzino claims he asked them to keep the TV crooked for the rest of season 6.
  • This is Stephen Sandoval's first directed Futurama episode. He points out how he has always been a big science-fiction fan, and he enjoys getting to bring that into the stories.
  • The song when they come in to Mom Store is often assumed to be a licensed composition, but it is original to the episode, by composer Christopher Tyng.
  • They make a few jokes on the expense of Apple, before David X. Cohen and Matt Groening points out that while some people on the Internet has thought of this to be Futurama taking on Apple, the crew is in fact big consumers of Apple.
    • Cohen brags about having used Apple products since 1983 or 1984.
    • John DiMaggio's friend was the one who choreographed the Apple commercial dance.
  • The floating screens were really hard to pull off, and it would have been much harder with the technology of the first run of Futurama. They are however very well done and with great detail.
  • There were long discussions on what camera filmed Fry when he was talking with Leela and she could see a video of him, but they settled on ignoring it.
  • The Infosquito's line "he sure loves porno" was a favourite line of many.
  • David X. Cohen points out that Hermes' interest in pizza also appears in "A Clockwork Origin".
  • The main concept of the episode, with allusions to smartphones, Twitter and YouTube, weren't around in the first run of Futurama.
  • "Help! Police!" is Fry's new catchphrase for season 6. It also appears in "A Clockwork Origin".
  • Matt Groening was always against the many puke jokes in the episode, as well as Susan Boil.
  • Tress MacNeille relates more and more with Mom as time goes by. She claims that "she is strict, but she is right".
  • Craig Ferguson was great as Susan Boil.
  • David X. Cohen agrees that they may have gone a little over the edge with the puke and Susan Boil, but that they after all had to have something really humiliating.
  • They reveal Hoschel's name.
  • The Statue of Liberty appears in new forms every year.
  • David X. Cohen is annoyed about Walt getting slapped, because he is correct about the maths.
  • The Twitt-worm was originally called the "Death-Twit", but they changed it when they realized no-one was getting killed.
  • It is hard to notice, but the actually Planet Express crew is walking out of the building in one scene.
  • The masses of people walking to the Mom Store is 3D.
  • In the end of the episode, there is an extended version of the song played in Mom Store, but this didn't appear in the original TV airing.

Highlights / Quotes

    Stephen Sandoval There was a lot of people who were really excited to see Flexo in this episode... and they are all dead now. He needs a spin-off series or something.

    Peter Avanzino: [About the floating eyePhone screens.] These were the screens that almost killed Scott Vanzo. Who in turn almost killed us.

    David X. Cohen: Really, we generated some new subject matter for ourselves just by sitting it out for a years and waiting for the world to move into the future.

    Matt Groening: Okay, I'm gonna start my rant now.