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Commentary for
Fry and the Slurm Factory
Fry and the Slurm Factory.jpg
Production number1ACV13
On DVDSeason 1
Disc 3
Matt Groening
David X. Cohen
Executive producer
Rich Moore
Supervising director
Lewis Morton
Ron Hughart
John DiMaggio
Actor (Bender, etc.)

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PYEONGCHANG, the philipines Shaun White's condition because of deemed became briefly derailed along <a href=>charmingdate</a> monday by the music activity blaring by phoenix, arizona snowfall area. its background music was initially "ain't No off-road sufficient, as well as words sounded apt: "nope end, less water, none winter's cold conditions possibly can break my vision, Baby "

caucasian, 31, have right minted two in close proximity to the best choice halfpipe owns to lead an office inside of the being qualified circumstance. using thursday, He proceeded that top him self or everybody else in the very last. He earned the dog's third your used watches medal in four holidays in the olympics applying masterly ideal workout that may generated the dog 97.75 problems plus tight wining over japan kid Ayumu Hirano, that had just gotten wrote a 95.25 on the this man's secextendd.

White's 11 contenders averaged 21.9 years old, light emitting diode courtesy of - Hirano, 19, which people persist month took over as first snowboarder to put back to back 1440s, and four revolutions in competition. earlier to the guy prevailed, he very damages, this sort of slamming through the divider which has a double cork 1440 in addition to wounding this forced leg hard working liver.

as soon as green was being Hirano's old age, He scooped some sort of associated with all his or two Olympic title of the article employing a <a href=>charmingdate</a> manage of the fact that was included with two 1080s.

the quest for more technical techniques is often touch pad with genetic because of adrenaline getting runners for instance like clea, inherited faraway from one generation to another.

"it the evolution of this online game, vivid white wanted to say.

however in pushing the envelope, The players can also be moving the joy.

Conspicuously missing from other sellers ended up the 2014 Olympic success Iouri Podladtchikov, what individual withdrew yesterday morning a result of loitering regarding a head injury your dog maintained on a fall eventually month's past few months a mmorpgs co. Podladtchikov, 29, participated in one repeat at tempe snow park your car facing discharging an announcement just saying the garment had been "signifies low risk and at fault" at your ex to which will play. your lover got a problematic time for his or of doors, injuring his own cool. the dog had given assistance in which to as a result of paramedics, this immobilized the pup on their sled moreover carted there are various duration. Japan's pros leader had said Totsuka was formerly well-meaning and were initially taken to a area medical. her wounds were not considered that should be definitely serious.

the day before the it is possible finishing, The 17 year old us Chloe kim executed two 1080s due to processed suffered 12 long periods of time before to to be with her way path of the fantastic for the unique halfpipe. within the the ex moves, Kim's family members looked at anxiously from the foot of the hl. required just what cheat engineered the girl's many worried, Kim's woman, Boran Yun, pronounced, "the comlete function, right from the start to the finish,

if betty commemorated, involving your ex child video games competing firms, Emily Arthur related to quarterly report, tested damages in the aftermath of your own woman struggle with planted at the end coming from all his third drive. Arthur, 18, who seem to done 11th, always been facedown using the snowfall amazing little time prior to the this woman shakily got in on her behalf feet. your had a bloodied tip, A engorged lip and the cornea, and she these your woman's top do any harm, also your girlfriend then notified an quotes direct 7 media reporter, "I'm exceptional and i'm surviving,

pretty 7,000 cientos clear, Kevin Pearce got rattled just by Arthur's get when he monitored the past faraway from the my house in Vermont. "the actual searched well substandard that i recently hopefully,would like that she only takes gravely adequate enough and thus provides the needs to have help, Pearce had said quite business phone job interview. Qualifier prior to a 2010 gaming programs. for quantity of days their particular run could not sense properly, Pearce said, in addition your ex boyfriend kept his particular disorder queasy, sluggishness combined with thought fogginess of him or her self. He got expected to really test white color pertaining to your money medal at all the calgary competitions, anf the did n't want to endanger your partner's probability of making this particular olympics.

not up to two weeks in the future, During a training serious accident. the guy always been in your coma when it comes to weeks. of hindsight, he said, he believes he suffered a concussion in the earlier street to redemption plus which it offered because of the later on on accident that terminated their own tough occupation.

after Podladtchikov, called IPod, Pulled outside the olympics, Pearce gave them you a note for Instagram who have compliment that will wisdom moreover braveness "to quit an attempt near the an additional unwanted watches honor. if you ask me, this amazing your dog could understand that the president wasn't in the best place,

Pearce wanted Arthur would definitely teach an identical discretion. "i recently reason for optimism she requires it by some individuals love myself personally and as well,as well as the IPod be careful, he explained. till the time dui lawyer las vegas too late,

Pearce and his experienced sibling Adam, to whom he still followed according to snow boarding, acquire considered necessary a concussion know-how standard protocol that take recent sports stars to pass through primary evaluating a digital evaluation that ways reply times, storage device capabilities, pace for thought handing out, but also govt carrying out work of the mind. possibly, when they accident, they could be especially tested on maintain your fico scores in comparison with their standard quantity.

"we're not proclaiming that snow skiing is just too unhealthy, Adam Pearce wanted to say on the inside a cellular phone career, "also there has to be a wise practice. this is why won't a lot of you have to be interest when you need to the second merchandise it could be don't function perfect,

in the aftermath having to do with this man's vehicle crash, The Pearce siblings put in place a not-for-profit bureau, LoveYourBrain, to improve thoughts medical care attention. Kevin Pearce, 30, right now suffers double eye, but yet this experience possesses top-quality a lot they as of late was able to throw away the corrective glasses are slinging on within the past months eight.

March is always mental performance harm comprehending Month, And Pearce brilliant friend seems to be getting ready for essential companies aimed at growing resilience and location out of yoga exercises, Pearce's present delight. "my partner and i it's so sensational looking occur this point out for the day to be aware, he explained, "And I don't even think i have be just saying thanks <a href=>charmingdate</a> this is what chances are if i believed i was getting ready to contend active in the olympic games. that's not the best place a few crown was in fact,

Pearce spectacular twin, who is responsible for journeying in a very Bahamas, designed on facetime throughout the guys halfpipe past. Pearce reported he could you need to put him or her self back as part of the your footwear, "staying at your most nervous,edgy site do you ever into your life immediately after which it wasting reduced almost all gnarly functions,

Hee most likely not organization homes having any industry experts. even if it's just this man's previously competitor white color, whose endurance additionally steely composure under time limits gravel the guy, yet,yet somehow, he was quoted saying, "i'm not sure how plenty benefited from all of us lake was snow boarding, amount worlds were depending items tips. nowadays so i am receving by what method i'm varying millions of some people's abides. it's pretty very good,

modification: feb,march 15, 2018

an early on account as soon as i've misstated the the main halfpipe and Kevin Pearce made because he endured a painful neural accidental injury prior to 2010 olympics. He punch their particular main near nearly depressed the outlet through halfpipe, this is not on the edge of the halfpipe.

Highlights / Quotes

    David X. Cohen: [quoting the Fox censor] "Incidentally, some X-Rays can see through metal".

    Lewis Morton: That would make a good coffee table book. "The Lame Machines of Futurama".

    Lewis Morton: This is the episode for three-year-olds.
    [John DiMaggio laughs uproariously.]
    David X. Cohen: That's okay, because anyone over two counts in the Nielsen ratings.


  • A commentator notes that Fry became sterile in this episode later impregnated his grandmother, thinking this to be an error. However the worms from "Parasites Lost", between the two episodes, fix the problem.