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USS Enterprise
Ultimate Robot Fighting
Ultra Guy
Ultra Guy's Custom DiamondsUmbriel
Unattractive giant monsterUnattractive giant monster's homeworld
Unattractive giant monster's mother
Unbendable girdersUncle Toby
Underground taxiUnderwater-house salesman
Unfrozen Dude MagazineUnion Bot
Unique-architecture apartment
Unit 2013Unit 47United Kingdom
United Mutant Scholarship FundUnited Nations
United StatesUnited States Army
United States presidential election, 2000
Universal Poker Championship
Universal Robot controller
Universal translatorUniverse 1
Universe 25Universe 31
Universe XVIIUniverse to Universe Missile
Universe Γ
Unknown homeless Robot
Unnamed clown
Us People
VHS releases
Valentine's DayVampire State Building
Vega 4Vegas (disambiguation)
Velma FarnsworthVenusVenus de Venus
VenusiansVergon 6
Vet Jeffrey Grant
Vic Lebruteski
Vice President of Earth
Vice President of the United StatesVice Presidential Action Rangers
Video store clerkVincian
Violet dwarf star
VirginiaViva Mars VegasVladimir
Voice actors
Volume 3Volume 4Volume 5
Volume 6Volume 7Volume 8
Volume One
Volume Two
Voodoo EconomistsVorglord's Pet Supply & Sausage Shop
Vulture preview clipVyoletW. Disney
Wade Boggs' head
Wailing FungusWaiter on the Green
Waldorf AsteroidWalking on SunshineWall Footpath Journal
Wall calendarsWall of Prophecy
Walter Cronkite's headWalter KoenigWalter Koenig's head
WandaWanda SykesWar Is the H-Word
War between the Nibblonians and the brain spawn
War of 2012
Warden VogelWarner Bros.
Wash bucket
Washington, D.C.
Waterfall familyWe're boned
Weasel CanyonWeaselsWeasels (game species)
Weather Entity HalWebster's New Abridged Becktionary
Welcome to my NightmallWelshieWelshie's cousin
Wes Archer
West BritanniaWest Side Pipeway
Whale biologistWhale oil
Whalers on the Moon
What-If Machine
What the Hell Is Kwanza?
Wheel of RobotsWhen Aliens Attack
Where No Fan Has Gone Before
Where the Buggalo Roam
White HouseWhite Planes
Whitey v. CalculonWho's Dying To Be A Gazillionaire? (game show)
Who's Dying to Be a Gazillionaire?Who-Ask Machine
Who Dares to Be a Millionaire?
Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love?Wikipedia
Will Riker's IslandWilliam (disambiguation)
William Howard Taft's headWilliam Shakespeare
William ShatnerWilliam Shatner's head
Windy shrimp
Wine bucketWipe Castle
Wong Hotel & CasinoWong Island
Wong RanchWong family
Wongminster Miniature Golf Club
World's Bravest Hamsters
World War II
World of World War II 3Worlds War I
Worms of Cologne
WormulonWozniak Nerd AcademyWristlojackimator
Writers and directors
XanthorXmasXmas, 3000
Xmas Story
Xmas Time Is Fear
Yancy Fry (disambiguation)
Yancy Fry Jr.
Yancy Fry Jr.'s wife