Universe 25

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Universe 25
First appearance"The Farnsworth Parabox" (4ACV15)

Universe 25 is a universe where none of the inhabitants appear to have eyes, though they are not unfamiliar with the concept of sight. (e.g., when asked if they saw anything, they replied in the negative, rather than question what "see" means) The Parallel Universe Boxes here are white. This universe's Leela would be more normal due to her only difference being her elbow talons, and singing butt boil.

The Zoidbergs of Universe Γ and Universe 1 briefly passed through this universe while being chased by their crews. They were followed by the Amy Wong of Universe 1 who asked Universe 25's Leela, Hermes and Fry if they seen the Zoidbergs, only to discover their lack of eyes.

It is also possible to interpret "Universe 25" as a reference to the experiments of John B. Calhoun who used mice to explore the effects of overcrowding in a "Utopian" society of abundance. His experiments showed that the overcrowding caused violence, apathy, and general psychosis in the mice despite having ample resources. While the validity of John B. Calhoun's mice society as an accurate allegory for our human society is questionable, this episode could be implying that humanity will eventually become plagued by the same fate of John B. Calhoun's mice. This would explain why the in inhabitants of "Universe 25" are familiar with sight yet unable to see. Essentially humanity was given evidence of its impending demise but we have ignored it, e.g. failed to see it.

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    Amy 1: Hello? Did you see two smelly lobsters?
    Hermes 25: We didn't see anything ... [Leela 25, Hermes 25 and Fry 25 turn around. They have no eyes.] ... ever!