Universal Robot controller

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Universal Robot controller
Universal Robot Controller.png
The universal Robot controller in Mom's hand.
UsageControl Robots
First appearance"Mother's Day" (2ACV14)
Current statusProbably still in Mom's Friendly Robot Company

The universal Robot controller is a small remote control built by Mom capable of transmitting orders to all Robots she produces. It is likely that the Robots are usually on the "Serve Man (Regular)" setting. During most Mother's Days, however, they are set in a different mode. On one Mother's Day (2ACV14), Mom decided to use the "Rebel" button, causing the Robots to all fight against Humanity, to help Mom rise to the throne of world overlord. Additionally, the device has a "Give Gifts" mode, a "Tidy Up World" mode and a "Serve Man (Ironic)" mode.


  • Give Gifts
  • Tidy Up World
  • Rebel
  • Serve Man (Regular)
  • Serve Man (Ironic)

Additional Info


  • The buttons "Serve Man (Regular)" and "Serve Man (Ironic)" is likely a reference to the Twilight Zone episode "To Serve Man".