Whitey v. Calculon

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Ron Whitey v. Calculon
Whitey v Calculon.png
DateCirca 3007
Judge(s)Possibly Judge Whitey
Charged forRunning over Ron Whitey
VerdictSentenced to do community service
AppearanceThe Beast with a Billion Backs

The Ron Whitey v. Calculon case was a trial possibly presided over by the plantiff Judge Ron Whitey, in an unknown location. Calculon was charged for running over the Judge. It is unknown if any witnesses were called to testify. The trial concluded with Calculon being found guilty, possibly of assault, and sentenced to do community service.

Additional Info


    Calculon: There, that was some free acting for you. [He walks toward the door.] Ordinarily, to see acting like that, you'd have to sit through a tampon commercial. [To Judge Ron Whitey.] That fulfills my community service, right?
    Ron Whitey: [The Judge sits in a wheelchair with casts on his arms, leg, and bandages on his head.] Charges of running me over are hereby dismissed! [He slams his gavel on his leg cast and the cast shatters. Pause.] Ow!