Unattractive giant monster

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Secondary character
Deceased character
Unattractive giant monster
Unattractive Giant Monster home.png
The Unattractive Giant monster in his cave with Fry, Leela, Bender and his duplicates.
Planet of originUnattractive giant monster's homeworld
RelativesUnnamed mother.
First appearance"Benderama" (6ACV17)
Voiced byPatton Oswalt

The unattractive giant monster was an alien who lived alone on his planet, suffering for his repulsiveness and his problems with anger management. He was fifty feet tall and sensitive about his appearance.


In 3011, the Planet Express crew delivered a package to him, consisting of a colossal tooth whitener, a mega-deodorant, a humongous acne cream, and a regular-sized condom. After Bender and on multiple times offended the giant and Fry unintentionaly talked about his his mother, he attacked the crew in rage, and grabbed after the Planet Express ship when it flew off.

A while later, he came to Earth to apologize to the crew. Unfortunately he had extremely poor timing, as the crew - alongside the rest of Earth - at that time was extremely drunk because of the duplicate Benders making all water on Earth into alcohol. Inhibitions lowered, the crew offended and laughed at the giant monster for his look and his stink. At first he tried to handle the insults calmly, but went off when his mother yet again was mentioned and offended. After calling his psychiatrist, who didn't answer, he went berserk on Earth, killing many and destroying many buildings, until he was confronted by the duplicate Benders and the real Bender, who together formed a giant Bender. His guard down, the Benders attacked and devoured him.


On 24 July, 2010, David X. Cohen announced during the Comic-Con table reading for "Benderama" that the unattractive giant monster would be voiced by stand-up comedian Patton Oswalt.[1] In May 2011, Countdown to Futurama released three items concerning the character: concept art of him (together with confirmation that he would be voiced by Patton Oswalt) on 9 May,[2] part of the storyboard for "Benderama" mentioning him and showing his order on 11 May,[3] and a promotional picture featuring a fight between him and Bender on 13 May.[4]

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  • According to the table reading for "Benderama", he was originally named giant unattractive monster.
  • He bears a fair resemblance to Barney Gumble from The Simpsons.


    Professor Farnsworth: Enough good ones, everyone. We have a delivery to an Alien space giant.
    Hermes: You'll have to be respectful. This customer is fifty-feel tall and sensitive about his appearance.
    Amy: [She looks at items on the cart.] Colossal tooth whitener, mega-deodorant, humongous acne cream, and... Aw, and one regular-sized condom.