Implosion of the violet dwarf star

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Implosion of the violet
dwarf star
The audience at the ceremony for the implosion of the violet dwarf star [ItWGY]
Held when3009
Held whereSlightly Deep Space
First appearanceInto the Wild Green Yonder

The implosion of the violet dwarf star was a planned implosion that never occurred. [ItWGY] The event was supposed to destroy the violet dwarf star and create a black hole that would serve as the ball return of Leo Wong's miniature golf course and the location of the golf pants museum. Instead, the star was revealed to be an Encyclopod egg, which hatched soon after.


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The implosion had a giant audience, including many major characters of Futurama as well as a huge amount of cameo appearances of characters previously only appearing in one or two episodes.


Further information: Into the Wild Green Yonder Part 4

During the gathering, Fry attempted to figure out who the dark one was by trying to spot whose thoughts he could not read, but failed. Fry concluded the Dark One was himself. The Planet Express ship crashed into the dome to interrupt the countdown. Leela gave back the detonator to Fry, who used it straight away to try to defeat who he thought was the Dark One. Fry had connected himself to the wire of the Omega Device while no one was looking, though the device had no effect on Fry, as Leela's muck leech revealed itself as the Dark One, and while disabled, the asteroids in the star system formed a line with the life filled asteroid in front. The line floated into the star, which developed into the Last Encyclopod, who then defeated the last Dark One.

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