Waldorf Asteroid

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Waldorf Asteroid
Waldorf Asteroid.jpg
The Waldorf Asteroid as seen from space.
Inhabited byMrs. Astor and Hobsy
Ruled byProbably Mrs. Astor
First appearance"The Mutants Are Revolting" (6ACV12)

The Waldorf Asteroid is not very populated. On its surface there's nothing more than a mansion and a rickety bridge. The only known residents are Mrs. Astor and Hobsy, who live in the mansion.

The Planet Express crew visited it in September of 3010 on their 100th mission do deliver a soufflé Mrs. Astor had ordered from Elzar's Fine Cuisine. There's a room in Mrs. Astor's mansion where she keeps dozens of dalmatians. Hobsy fed them the soufflé, which seems to indicate that, aside from being stuck in there, they are actually very well treated. However, the souflée contained a few drops of nitroglycerine, which may suggest otherwise. The dogs who ate it could have been badly injured, as something was seen exploding from outside of their room.

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