Union Bot

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Tertiary character
Union Bot
Futurama Comics Issue 59 Union Bot.jpg
Union Bot smashing through a wall at MomCorp
First appearance"Your Mother Wears Pilot Boots" (US#050)

Union Bot is a robot who demanded that MomCorp stop using Nonunion workers and that they use Union workers only, however, this would mean MomCorp would have to pay full Union wages, meaning that they would lose money. Leela (posing as Mom) tells Union Bot that she will make a fully Unionized Plant, meaning that all workers must be in the Union and be built out of Union parts. Leela quickly tells Union Bot that he has some Nonunion parts on him, to which he admits he had a few upgrades overseas, he is then forced to remove all his Nonunion parts until he is in pieces on the floor. Leela decides against the fully Unionized Plant and Union Bot's demands, then kicks him out of the building.

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