Unit 47

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Tertiary character
Unit 47
Unit 47.png
Planet of originPossibly Earth
First appearance"Proposition Infinity" (6ACV04)
Voiced byUnknown

Unit 47 is a female Robot who collaborated with Professor Farnsworth as a chemist working to create a virus that would destroy an infestation of posies in his youth and became his robosexual lover (6ACV04).

Leaving the Professor[edit]

Unit 47 eventually left the Professor for another Robot after 43 years together. These events left him loathing the idea of robosexuality, leading to his objection against Proposition ∞ in July 3010. Farnsworth claimed, for many years, that it was the departure of a female Human named Eunice what turned him against robosexuality, but he finally admitted that she was in fact a Robot during the debate led by George Takei's head.

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