Valentine's Day

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Valentine's day
Love and Rocket.jpg
Valentine's Day conversation hearts
Celebrated when14 February
Celebrated whereEarth
First appearance"Put Your Head on My Shoulders" (2ACV07)
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Much like today, Valentine's Day is still in the future a romantic day where people spend most time with their girlfriend or boyfriend.

In 3001, Valentine's Day was near and because Leela rejected to date Fry, he dated Amy. They quickly fell in love but after some time Fry wanted to quit her, unfortunately he had an accident and his head had to be attached to Amy's body. They dated a man, when Leela rescues Fry.

In 3003, Planet Express made a contract with Romanticorp to deliver their "conversation hearts". Bender was dating the Planet Express Ship, but decided to leave it on Valentine's Day. The ship tried to kill them in a quazar but Leela saved them and destroyed the Valentines hearts in the quazar. But when they fell the radiation created a romantic atmosphere to the Earth and Valentine's Day had a nice pink circle on the night sky.

In "Three Hundred Big Boys", Zoidberg mentions the Valentine's day when he ate Kif's present to Amy, and had to vomit it.

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