Vega 4

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Vega 4
Paramecium soldiers possibly on Vega 4
Inhabited byParameciums
First appearance"The Lesser of Two Evils" (2ACV06)

Vega 4 is the homeworld of the Parameciums.

Miss Universe Gladys Lennox entertained Paramecium troops preparing to wipe out the human race in "Raging Bender". This took place at a military base that was possibly on Vega 4. If it was, then the planet has rolling, possibly gelatinous hills that resemble the material that makes up their bodies.

Additional Info[edit]


    Zapp Brannigan: And the winner is Miss Vega 4.

    Annoucer: Newly elected Miss Universe entertains the Paramecium troops trying to wipe out the human race, go get them boys.