Worlds of Tomorrow

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Worlds of Tomorrow
Futurama wot 2.png
Official artwork
Directed byMatt Groening, David X. Cohen
Developed byTinyCo, Jam City, FoxNext
Release date(s)29 June, 2017
Platform(s)Mobile (Android / iOS)
Mode(s)Single player
Rating(s)PEGI 12
Title referenceTerry's famous phrase said in "Space Pilot 3000"
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Official website

Worlds of Tomorrow is a Futurama-themed mobile game released on June 29th, 2017[1], that features stories written by writers from the TV series and stars the show's original cast.

On April 20, 2023, the servers for the game were officially shut down, rendering it unplayable (even offline).


Worlds of Tomorrow tasks the player with saving New New York and the characters within it from hypnowaves that have spread across the universe. The game presents the player with a portion of New New York, with more areas being unlocked as they progress through the game, or unlock more space by clearing areas using Robot 1-X. Characters from the show wander through the map, with more characters able to be unlocked by clearing areas of hypnowaves or purchasing them using pizza. Pizza is a special currency that is rare to come across, but can be bought in bulk via microtransactions. The player can construct buildings that generate in-game currency (Nixonbucks) & XP, as well as place decorations around the map. Space missions take the player to different planets, allowing them to pick a small selection of available characters with them on the trip to participate in battles & encounters. Space missions award the player with hypnotons & career chips that allow them to clear areas of the map & level up characters, respectively. Characters can also perform "actions" that generate Nixonbucks & XP over time.


Limited time events


A fully-animated trailer for the game was released on the 17th May, 2017. The trailer features Fry, Leela, Bender, Amy, Lrrr (all voiced by their original voice actors from the series) and the Hypnotoad.[2]

Additional Information


    Leela: Hey, Fry, wanna make-out behind the Smell-O-Scope?
    Fry: Leela, shh! I'm playing an exciting hypno-game!

    Amy: This game is the schmizz! Is it available on android?
    Bender: It's available on this android, baby!

    Zoidberg: Hooray! I'm being sucked away with friends! Woop woop woop woop woop!

    Fry: What's in the crate, professor? Some kind of mesmo-frog?
    Farnsworth: Not even close! Behold: the hypnotoad!

    Fry: Don't worry, Leela! Love is stronger than gravity!
    Leela: Yeah, but wood isn't!

    Fry: I don't even understand what I did! How am I supposed to think about something if I don't understand what it is?

    Leela: Fry, I know the universe pretty well, and if there's anyone it's not depending on, it's you.

    Farnsworth: You! Wet Green Cowboy! Run down to the parts closet and fetch me a gallon of vacuum, two liters of ultraviolet noise, and anything shiny.

    Hedonismbot: Pardon me, young green military man, can you show me the way to the nearest SexDonalds?

Alien-language sightings

    Time: N/A
    Location: Bottom of the signup section on the app's official site
    Language: AL1

    Time: N/A
    Location: In the shipping district, on the temple.
    Language: AL2
    Translation: YoMom, Mom, NYC, DOOOMMM, Iuseawig

    Time: N/A
    Location: On Omicron Persei 8 Artifact
    Language: AL2
    Translation: CIJ

    Time: N/A
    Location: On Mars Artifact
    Language: AL2
    Translation: PJW

    Time: N/A
    Location: On Moon Artifact
    Language: AL2
    Translation: PVG

    Time: N/A
    Location: On Chapek Artifact
    Language: AL2
    Translation: YXY

    Time: N/A
    Location: On Earth Artifact
    Language: AL2
    Translation: FLXZL

    Time: N/A
    Location: On Amazonia Artifact
    Language: AL2
    Translation: SANZR

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