Bender's banjo

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Bender's banjo
First appearance"Brannigan, Begin Again" (2ACV02)
Current statusBroken

Bender's banjo is a white banjo that belongs to Bender. Bender asked Leela to save it when the Planet Express ship was about to crash into Neutropolis in 3000 (2ACV02), tuned and played it at HAL Institute in 3002 (3ACV11) and played it on Mars in 3003 (3ACV10). Brett Blob played and broke it in the Planet Express conference room in 3004 (4ACV06).

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Bender's banjo was originally a French horn.[1]

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    David X. Cohen: That was a saxophone for a long time.
    Lewis Morton: It was a French horn for a while.
    [David X. Cohen laughs.]
    David X. Cohen: French horn. French horn. Sorry. Pardon me. But then we remembered that Bender liked the banjo from episode... What? 1'02, was it, or?
    Lewis Morton: Something like that. Bender...
    Maurice LaMarche: Yeah...
    Lewis Morton: Bender goes on to play the banjo a lot in upcoming episodes.
    Billy West: He does it with... With 105-pound hands.
    [Lewis Morton and Billy West laugh.]