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LocationAboard the DOOP flagship Nimbus
First appearance"Love's Labours Lost in Space" (1ACV04)

25-Star General Zapp Brannigan refers to his Captain's Quarters as the Lovenasium. It is a large room lavishly decorated in pink and purple velour, shag carpeting, marble statues and a few green plants. Its centerpiece is a large oil painting of Zapp and a floating, remote controlled, heart-shaped bed. The room is dimly lit by candlelight and features a cluster of recessed spotlights over the bed. There is a wet bar to one side, which is stocked with champagne and sex toys. The rear of the room has large floor-to-ceiling windows which allow for fantastic views.

Additional Info

The official White House portrait of John F. Kennedy, and the parody with Zapp Brannigan.


Wet bar
  • The name "Lovenasium" is clearly based on the word "gymnasium". Interestingly, the word "gymnasium" is derived from the Greek "gymnasion" (γυμνάσιον), meaning "exercise naked". Technically, the 'gymn' part of the Greek word was derived from gymnos meaning "naked". So "Lovenasium" could be a combination of the English "love" and "nasium" meaning exercise, combined meaning "exercise love".
  • Zapp and Leela made love here on their first meeting.
  • The room is located one deck above Kif's quarters.
  • The oil painting of Zapp is a reference to president John F. Kennedy's official White House portrait, who has the same posture.