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Peter Avanzino
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Peter Avanzino is a director for Futurama and the supervising director on the show Drawn Together. He did storyboarding for the pilot, and directed both the last of the movies and the series finale, as well as the short film A Terrifying Message from Al Gore. He was promoted to supervising director in 2010. He is the Futurama director with the most credits.

Avanzino directed the 2014 NBC special How Murray Saved Christmas.

Episodes/films directed

The heads of Ken Keeler, Claudia Katz, Matt Groening, Peter Avanzino and David X. Cohen as seen in the sixth Futurama podcast.

Additional information


  • Despite being the director with the most credits, Peter Avanzino only directed four of the second run's fifty-two episodes. The first two (6ACV07 and 6ACV26) have the same season numbers as the last two (7ACV07 and 7ACV26).
  • He is the only person with directorial credits in all seven production seasons, and one of only two people to have directed episodes of both the original run and the second run (the other being Dwayne Carey-Hill).