Leonardo da Vinci

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Secondary character
Deceased character
Leonardo da Vinci
Leonardo da Vinci.png
Date of birthUnknown (true)
15 April, 1452 (official)
Date of deathJuly, 3010 (true)
2 May, 1519 (official)
SpeciesVincian (true)
Human (official)
Planet of originPlanet Vinci (true)
Earth (official)
First appearance"The Duh-Vinci Code" (6ACV05)
Voiced byMaurice LaMarche
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Leonardo da Vinci was a relatively stupid person from Planet Vinci, who visited Earth during the 15th and 16th centuries after having been ridiculed for ages in his homeworld by his nemesis Biff and several others (6ACV05). In 3010, he accidentally killed himself with one of his own creations, the Macchina Magnifica.


After arriving on Earth, Leonardo became famous as a scientist, painter (BBS), engineer, inventor, mathematician, writer, and was soon considered a genius by the Earthican people. He created flying machines, war engines, submarines, having gone on to be History's greatest artist and inventor. However, Leonardo eventually left the planet when he could not stand being surrounded by such stupid people.

In 3010, he found his fabled lost invention thanks to Professor Farnsworth and Fry. The device, a doomsday machine, was used to attack his enemies on Planet Vinci, but Fry managed to stop it before it killed too many. Leonardo suffered a tragic death when he was hit by a cog from the malfunctioning Macchina (6ACV05).


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  • His name literally means Leonardo from Vinci in Italian, due to the fact that he comes from Planet Vinci. For this reason, he is only called Leonardo on his homeworld, but Leonardo da Vinci on Earth, reflecting both the planet he comes from and the village he claimed to come from.
  • Bender stole the Mona Lisa, one of Leonardo's creations, when he was time traveling for the Scammers (BBS). It is implied he murdered Leonardo before 1499.
  • He is the personal role model of Professor Farnsworth, or at least was until they finally met (6ACV05).
  • The Professor's most valuabe possession, Leonardo's beard, was destroyed by Fry on Earth, but Leonardo still bears it when they first meet on Planet Vinci. Since the beard contained his personal blueprints, it is most likely that he grew a new one since.
  • Fry recurringly mistakes him for Leonardo DiCaprio.


Leonardo dies by his own invention, as the Professor watches horrified (6ACV05).

    Leela: [A trap door in the floor of the Planet Express headquarters opens and Bender emerges carrying a painting.] The Mona Lisa!
    Bender: Sorry. It's not quite finished.
    Schlump: Da Vinci give you any trouble?
    Bender: Let's just say he may not make it to The Last Supper. [He laughs evilly.]

    Professor Farnsworth: My God! Why would Leonardo's machine have brought us here?
    Fry: I don't known. Let's ask this guy.
    Leonardo da Vinci: I am Leonardo. [Both the Professor and Fry gasp.] Welcome to Planet Vinci.
    Professor Farnsworth: My God!
    Fry: That's what I was gonna say.
    Professor Farnsworth: Leonardo? You're alive? Here?
    Leonardo da Vinci: [He sighs.] You have learned my great secret. I was but a visitor to Earth. In truth, I am what you call "a space Alien".

    Leonardo da Vinci: I went to Earth because I could no longer stand the ridicule, but being surrounded by even stupider people was equally infuriating.
    Fry: I can see myself in your shiny button.
    Leonardo da Vinci: Inventing is what makes me happy. Or did, until I misplaced the plans for my masterpiece.
    Fry: You mean these?
    Leonardo da Vinci: Ah! The Macchina Magnifica? Oh, infinite joy! Fry, my friend, you have given my life a meaning again.

    Leonardo da Vinci: For centuries, you've ridiculed me. Espicially you, Biff!
    Biff: Nice hat! [Everbody woos.]
    Leonardo da Vinci: But, at long last, this invention will show you. 'Twill show you all! [Fry unveils the curtain.] Behold my unstoppable doomsday machine!
    Fry: And I helped! Wait. You told me it was an unstoppable ice cream machine.
    Leonardo da Vinci: Ice cream is just a by-product of the machine. Its primary purpose is to exterminate everyone who ever made me feel inferior.
    Biff: Ooh! I'm so scared!
    Vincian girl: Bring it on, dumb-dumb! [Everybody laughs.]
    Leonardo da Vinci: Oh, yeah? Let's see how hard you're laughing when my doomsday machine chops off your face!