Commentary:A Taste of Freedom

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Commentary for
A Taste of Freedom
A Taste of Freedom.JPG
Production number4ACV05
On DVDSeason 4
Disc 1
Matt Groening
David X. Cohen
Executive Producer
Eric Horsted
Co-Executive Producer, Writer
Rich Moore
Supervising Director
James Purdum
John DiMaggio
Actor (Bender, miscellaneous)
Billy West
Actor (Fry, The Professor, miscellaneous)

Topics of Discussion

  • Dr. Zoidberg seems so upbeat which is unusual as he is normally depressed.
  • There was a scene cut where the The Professor wore a Beatles wig.
  • Charleston Chew is actually a real product.
  • Originally Dr. Zoidberg ate the crew's clothes whilst they were in the hot tub.
  • Phil Hendrie plays his only non-Waterfall part in this episode as the man writing Earth Sucks.
  • The Klingon Embassy was going to be the Barbie Embassy but the crew thought a pink Barbie Embassy wasn't a good joke.
  • Eric and James hadn't seen the completed episode until this moment.
  • The court scene is similar to Phil Hendrie show where he plays a character everyone hates whilst the audience boos him.
  • Eric wrote another episode involving the DOOP Army: War is the H-Word.
  • Matt came up with the idea of the Decapodian ships taking a while to get to Earth.
  • The Decapodians were meant to destroy the buildings but it was changed after 9/11.
  • It took around ten man hours to do the cross-section of the Nimbus.
  • Leela's quote Today is the day we fight back nods towards the movie Independance Day.

Highlights / Quotes

    David X. Cohen: Yo yo yo you're watching Futurama!!

    David X. Cohen: Its nice to see Dr. Zoidberg so upbeat.

    Billy West: (refering to Morbo) God only knows what he showed her.

    Eric Horsted: I wasn't even sure what Charleston Chew was.
    Billy West: I know because it pulled out one of my teeth.

    Matt Greoning: Wait I like my own idea.


  • Rich Moore accidentally walked in the commentary halfway through and was invited to speak, therefore he is listed as a commentator.

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  • Some of the deleted scenes that are mentioned can be found on the DVD