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Season 5
Original run23 March, 2008 —
30 August, 2009
No. of episodes16 (4 films)
Special guestsSee here
On DVD(s)Bender's Big Score,
The Beast with a Billion Backs,
Bender's Game,
Into the Wild Green Yonder,
Futurama: The Collected Epics
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"Films" redirects here. For the in-show films, see Films in Futurama.
This article is about the fifth production season. For the DVD set labelled "Season 5" in Australia and the UK, see Volume 5.

Production Season 5 or the Direct-to-DVD films was the first season of Futurama after the 4 year hiatus that followed the cancellation of the show at the end of Season 4, it consisted of four films each cut into four episodes, making for a total of 16 episodes for the season.

Unlike prior seasons, season 5 was ordered by FOX Home Entertainment as four films. FOX Home Entertainment hoped to make more profit out of them by cutting them into episodes and having them aired as regular TV episodes on Comedy Central as a season 5. However, season 5 is not considered part of a run, such as the original run or the second run.

Broadcast wise, the entirety of production season 5 is broadcast season 6. Meaning for the first time an entire production season was aired as one broadcast season, although its episodes were aired in chunks of four. Despite the first broadcasts listing this production block as season 6, Comedy Central began referring to its episodes as 001 - 016, rather than 601 - 616, in the lead up to the release of the sixth production season. The preceding episodes retained the original broadcast numbers and the new season took the 6XY numbering, matching the production codes. Rather than "Season 0" this presumably is a way of labelling the films' episodes as specials.

Plot development

In the course of season 5, Futurama initially deals a lot with the cancellation. And the hiatus of the show is at times referred to later. Season 5 picks up on things that first four seasons left unanswered.


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Further information: Bender's Big Score#Production, The Beast with a Billion Backs#Production, Bender's Game#Production and Into the Wild Green Yonder#Production

Due to good sales on the DVDs for Futurama, FOX Home Entertainment had decided to order a couple of Direct-to-DVD films of Futurama, after negotiations, the producers agreed to fund four films, but on the condition that they would be able to be cut up into four equally sized episodes for television airing.

Matt Groening and David X. Cohen at the San Diego Comic-Con 2007.

Work began on Season 5 in 2005, where the first few writers started brainstorming.

In January, 2008, Comedy Central obtained the rights to air Futurama on cable television in the United States, and started airing reruns of the former four seasons. They also bought the rights to air the new season 5, which is simply the films adapted for television broadcast.


Title Release date
Release date
(Blu-Ray Disc)
Production code #
Bender's Big Score R1: 27 November, 2007
R2: 7 April, 2008
R4: 5 March, 2008
RA/B: TBA 5ACV01, 5ACV02, 5ACV03, 5ACV04 1
The Beast with a Billion Backs R1: 24 June, 2008
R2: 30 June, 2008
R4: 6 August, 2008
RA/B: TBA 5ACV05, 5ACV06, 5ACV07, 5ACV08 2
Bender's Game R1: 4 November, 2008
R2: 3 November, 2008
R4: 10 December, 2008
RA/B: 3 November, 2008 5ACV09, 5ACV10, 5ACV11, 5ACV12 3
Into the Wild Green Yonder R1: 24 February, 2009
R2: 23 February, 2009
R4: 4 March, 2009
RA/B: 23 February, 2009 5ACV13, 5ACV14, 5ACV15, 5ACV16 4


Title Original airdate
Comedy Central
Production code TV Broadcast #
Bender's Big Score Part 1 23 March, 2008 5ACV01 S06E01 73
Bender's Big Score Part 2 23 March, 2008 5ACV02 S06E02 74
Bender's Big Score Part 3 23 March, 2008 5ACV03 S06E03 75
Bender's Big Score Part 4 23 March, 2008 5ACV04 S06E04 76
The Beast with a Billion Backs Part 1 19 October, 2008 5ACV05 S06E05 77
The Beast with a Billion Backs Part 2 19 October, 2008 5ACV06 S06E06 78
The Beast with a Billion Backs Part 3 19 October, 2008 5ACV07 S06E07 79
The Beast with a Billion Backs Part 4 19 October, 2008 5ACV08 S06E08 80
Bender's Game Part 1 26 April, 2009 5ACV09 S06E09 81
Bender's Game Part 2 26 April, 2009 5ACV10 S06E10 82
Bender's Game Part 3 26 April, 2009 5ACV11 S06E11 83
Bender's Game Part 4 26 April, 2009 5ACV12 S06E12 84
Into the Wild Green Yonder Part 1 30 August, 2009 5ACV13 S06E13 85
Into the Wild Green Yonder Part 2 30 August, 2009 5ACV14 S06E14 86
Into the Wild Green Yonder Part 3 30 August, 2009 5ACV15 S06E15 87
Into the Wild Green Yonder Part 4 30 August, 2009 5ACV16 S06E16 88

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