Little Orphan Android

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Little Orphan Android
US Publish Number78
Written byIan Boothby
Art byJames Lloyd
Published (US)24 February, 2016 [1]
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Little Orphan Android is the seventy-eighth comic issue, released on 24 February, 2016 [1] in the US.

The Story

When an intergalactic gazillionaire comes to visit Earth to find an heir, Bender poses as a Little Orphan Android to win over the futuristic sugar Daddy Warbucks. But this financially loaded tycoon has more on his mind than taking in a fiendishly lovable tyke – try hunting him for sport!

Additional Info


  • When posing as an orphan, Bender wears a bright red dress and a ginger wig (made of Fry's hair) & goes by the name of "Bendie". This, along with the title of the issue, is a reference to Annie.


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