How Much is that Mutant in the Window?

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How Much is that Mutant in the Window?
Futurama Comic 54.png
US Publish Number54
UK Publish Number(s)61
Written byEric Rogers
main comicJames Lloyd
mini comicMike Kazaleh
Title captionCollectable black light poster #5 of 6 inside!
Published (US)23 March, 2011
Published (UK)8 September, 2011

How Much is that Mutant in the Window? is the fifty-fourth comic issue, released 23 March, 2011 in the US.

The Story

Act I

The crew stop by a pet park so that Fry and Nibbler can relieve themselves. When Nibbler runs off to eat a Buggalo, Leela is chloroformed and abducted. Fry and Bender look around and decide that Leela probably found a date and left them with the ship, so after looking around they have the ship towed back home. Hermes chews out the remaining crew for loosing the pilot and wasting money that the company has, the ship would have returned home automatically in 24 hours, and are given a week to pay off the towing bill. The next day Fry tries to find a job in the paper, but then decides that Nibbler should be with someone who wants him, so he and Bender look through the pet section, where they find Leela. Nibbler reveals yet again that he can talk and squeezes them into his ship so that they can all go to Westminsteria to rescue her.

Act II

Leela wakes up in a pet shop and learns that due to her unusual appearance she's a highly sought after type of pet. Before she can fight back, Leela is drugged again. Nibbler tracks Leela's wrist thing to a shopping mall and makes it so that Fry will appear to be one of the natives, to do so he remains near his ship. On arriving at the store Fry and Bender only find Leela's clothes. Leela, having been sold, fights her way out of the cage and climbs a tree. The others follow the trail and find her, but the natives find them just as Nibbler tires out and reveals Fry as human. The Westminsterians decide to take them all as pets but then Nibbler rescues them in his ship. Back on Earth, Nibbler wipes everyone's memories leaving them with no idea what has been happening or why Leela is out on the street in nothing but Fry's jacket. In the meantime Zoidberg has now found his way into the pet shop and is enjoying the free food.

Additional Info


  • Bender has a dog resembling Robo-puppy called "Thwunk".
    • Its magnetised body is presumably an electromagnet, which can be turned off, as Bender was keeping it in his chest.
  • A man in the pets-for-sale section of the paper resembles a blonde Dave Spiegel.

Alien Language Sightings

Page: 11
Location: 4th panel; newspaper
Language: AL1-ish
Translation: "GXB???" the last three characters do not resemble the standard AL1 or AL2 alphabet.



  • Fry and Bender both know how to fly the Planet Express ship. Perhaps they were just too lazy on this occasion.
  • The pet left of Hyper-Chicken changes between frames.
  • Morbo, or the member of his species assumed to be him, and the animal above and right of him both turn pink in their last frame. This may be a previously unknown ability however.
  • In the mini- comic Captain Zapp Brannigan in Rank Call!, Kif's skin is white and not the usual green in the first panel on Planet Yelopagez.


Special Features

  • This issue features the fifth of six black light posters. The poster is a recoloured version of the cover art from "Attack of the 50-ft Amy".
  • Comic - Captain Zapp Brannigan in Rank Call!
    Zapp and his men are captured on OCD-4, but when a sick Kif emerges from the ship and sneezes messily on one of them, the captors run away. As a reward for defeating the Disambiguatons, Kif is then promoted to Captain. Captain Kroker is then shown a group of privates who will be battalion, but he instead insists on taking a group of rejects (Calculon, Wernstrom, Zoidberg and Randy). Their first mission is a failure when the group needs to be saved by Zapp, who demotes Kif and selects Randy as his new Lieutenant. He then pays the enemy for helping make Kif "look like an overwhelmed, indecisive pansy".


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