The Time Bender Trilogy: Part 2

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The Time Bender Trilogy: Part 2
US Publish Number18
UK Publish Number(s)26, 27
Written byIan Boothby
Art byJohn Delaney
Title captionNominated for 12 glorvnaxx awards
Published (US)28 July, 2004
Published (UK)17 November, 2005 (part 2a)
15 December, 2005 (part 2b)
In trade paperbackThe Time Bender Trilogy

"The Time Bender Trilogy: Part 2" is the eighteenth comic issue and the second of The Time Bender Trilogy, which was released 28 July, 2004 in the US and 17 November, 2005 in the UK.

The Story

Act I

Cubert searches for a way to save the earth. Leela has been sent to ancient Greek times and meets the author Homer who is about to sacrifice kittens to Zeus. Leela frees the kittens which causes a storm. Bender is in the town of Salem, Massachusetts and assembles himself together with a magnet and ends up singing folk songs which pleases the townspeople who introduce a fembot named Samantha. At a town meeting the mayor announces that there is a robot in the town and it must be burnt. Fry is in 1915 and has to fight in Worlds War I against the Omicronians. Hermes, the messenger of the gods appears and tells Leela that she has angered the gods and he steals her time machine piece and the only way to get it back is to climb to the top of Mount Olympus.

Act II

Cubert finds out what year Fry, Bender and Leela are in and decides to make banana milkshakes. Back in Salem a man is accused of being a robot and matches everything in the book of tests which was written by robots and doesn’t actually match the qualities of a robot. Leela climbs Mount Olympus and is attacked by the Minotaur. Leela tells him that there’s a minotauress lower down and when he looks down Leela kicks him off the edge. When a soldier is killed by the enemy Fry destroys five ships and does a suicide mission delivering a bomb and doesn’t realise until he is flying the plane. The man accused of being a robot is about to be burnt until Bender claims that he is a robot and is burned at the stake. Leela makes it to the gods and is given her time machine piece back. She angers Zeus who banishes her to the land of the dead…

Additional Info


  • Bender is shown folk singing due to magnets.


    Cubert: Mmm... banana milkshakes were a great idea Asterisk! But right after these and maybe a cookie, it's back to saving the world.


  • Despite the fact they are still fleeing the same dinosaur from the last issue, Linda has managed to switch from shreds of blue clothing to her normal outfit (minus the sleeves).


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