DOOP the Right Thing!

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DOOP the Right Thing!
Futurama-04-Cover 0.jpg
US Publish Number4
UK Publish Number(s)9
Written byEric Rogers
Art byPam Cooke
Published (US)23 May, 2001
Published (UK)12 February, 2004
In trade paperbackFuturama-O-Rama

"DOOP the Right Thing!" is the fourth comic issue, which was released 23 May, 2001 in the US.

The Story

Act I

Glab and Kif play a message to the staff of Planet Express from Zapp Brannigan, who somehow became ruler of an enemy planet. The DOOP fear that he is going to be used against them in the on-going war, so they want Leela, who Zapp requested for a queen, to find him. Leela refuses, so Glab pays three times the usual fee to have her delivered there. The crew arrive on Da Nang 4, Kif and Leela head off to find Zapp, while Fry and Bender attempt to find some booze. Kif makes it clear he'd rather not bring Zapp back alive, but Leela doesn't want her co-workers to kill her.

Act II

Leela and Kif arrive at Zapp's location. Zapp has a meal and Kif becomes jealous of Zapp's new assistant. One of the tribe finds Fry at DOOP base camp and requests help in getting rid of Zapp, who is not the ruler but merely a tool for their sneak attack. Leela learns that Zapp has Nang troops growing inside him. Fry and Kif find Zapp and rescue him. Back at Planet Express, Zoidberg removes the "babies". Zapp decides to return to the battle.

Additional Info


  • This is the first comic (in the US sequence) to have a cover related to the story.
  • Zapp uncharacteristically refuses to have sex with Leela.



Special Features


    Leela: Besides, my co-workers will kill me if they don't get their "generous bonuses".
    Kif: Yes, the best twenty dollars the DOOP has ever spent.

    Newspaper: Nixon promises to win Da Nang 4 war no matter how long it takes.
    Subtitle: Da Nang President calls White House to surrender, keeps getting voicemail.


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