New New New York

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New New New York
Futurama Comic 77.jpg
Characters on the cover: Fry, Bender and Leela.
US Publish Number77
Written byIan Boothby
Art byJames Lloyd
Published (US)18 November, 2015 [1]
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"New New New York" is the seventy-seventh comic issue, released on 18 November, 2015 [1] in the US.

The Story

Fry complains that New New York City seems to be changing overnight, and after pulling an all-nighter by drinking a can of hyper-caffeinated Slurm, he discovers an alien race called the Developers are actually changing the city for the better overnight – while the city sleeps! But is “better” really better? Not for Bender!

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    Hermes: Fry! You know the office rules!
    Fry: Throw out all expired yogurt before it becomes sentient?

    Hermes: Zoidberg, draw up some commitment papers for Fry.
    Zoidberg: I'm way ahead of you!
    Hermes: [reading the papers] These don't say Fry's legally insane, [2] they say he's legally dead.
    Zoidberg: It's not the first time I've made that mistake! At least we don't have to dig him back up!

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