Lost Our Leela

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Lost Our Leela
Futurama Comic 62.jpg
US Publish Number62
UK Publish Number(s)65
main comicJesse Leon McCann
mini comicDean Rankine
main comicJohn Delaney
mini comicDean Rankine
Published (US)1 August, 2012
Published (UK)1 November, 2012
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Lost Our Leela is the sixty-second comic issue, released 1 August, 2012 in the US.

The Story

Act I

Fry and Bender make a mess in the cockpit of the Planet Express ship so Leela confines them to quarters while she heads out into an asteroid field to collect a gem that will pay Planet Express's bills. Zoidberg bumps the steering wheel trying to grab a bug and Leela is knocked out and her safety line snaps. Leela has amnesia and is reported on a Klingon news network, Zapp sees this and claims her as his wife, bring her home to meet their three robot children. Meanwhile, Farnsworth reveals that the gem, which Leela still has, is highly explosive.

Act II

Brannigan calls in to extend his vacation while the crew search for Leela, who is proving to be a good mother. Brannigan avoids having sex with Leela in case it brings back her memory. Eventually the crew make it to the planet Brannigan is vacationing on and seeing Bender jogs Leela's memory. The gem is stolen by one of Zapp's poker buddies just in time for him to blow up at a safe distance.

Additional Info


  • This issue was released the same day "Fun on a Bun" was first broadcast, both stories feature Leela losing memories.
  • This is Nathan Kane's first issue as editor.
  • The fembot whom Bender is walking with on the cover resembles Monique.


  • The plot of this issue is similar to that of the film Overboard, the film is also mentioned indirectly in dialogue.
  • Bondo bears a striking resmbelence to The Simpsons' Jimbo Jones.


  • Morbo is depicted with only two digits on each hand.

Special Features


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