Freaky Fry-day

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Freaky Fry-day
Futurama-09-Cover 0.jpg
US Publish Number9
UK Publish Number(s)11
Written byEric Rogers
Tom King
John Delaney
Title captionMade in the U.S.A.! (printed in Canada)
Published (US)22 May 2002
Published (UK)3 June, 2004
Title referenceA parody of the movie Freaky Friday.
In trade paperbackFuturama Adventures

"Freaky Fry-day" is the ninth comic issue, which was released 22 May, 2002 in the US.

The Story

Act I

At the Mid-Galaxy Spaceship and Robot Bikini Wash Co. Bender and the Planet Express Ship get cleaned, while Leela has her hair done and Fry does some last minute shopping for a Great Nephew's Day gift for the Professor. The necklaces that Fry buys cause them to switch bodies during the night. The staff of Planet Express take Fry in Professor (FiP) to Taco Bellevue Hospital to see if they can figure out why he thinks he's Fry. Meanwhile, Professor in Fry (PiF) arrives at work, changes into his lab coat and slippers, then decides to head off and attack Wernstrom. At the hospital, the doctor determines that FiP is insane.

Act II

PiF spends some time at a bar and hooks up with a woman. After a delivery, with Scruffy filling in for Fry, the crew determines that the Professor and Fry have swapped bodies. Zoidberg comes in to tell everyone that the doctor is going to perform a lobotomy on FiP. They head off to find PiF, who is at The Hip Joint. Wernstrom abducts PiF with help from his Chinese grad-students, but Bender uses his "Fryjac" to find them. The staff of Planet Express scares off the grad-students and rescue him. PiF signs out FiP and gives Bender the necklaces before the Professor and Fry switch back their bodies with a new invention.

Additional Info



    Bender: Wow! I never knew my ass could get that shiny! I hope no one ever bites it now!

    Fry: ...All the family the other has. Unless you count Cubert.
    Hermes: No one ever has. Why start now?

Inside References

  • The Crushinator informed her "father" that she was pregnant with Bender's child in a deleted scene of "The Series Has Landed".

Outside References

  • A parody of Freaky Friday (1976, 1995, 2003)
    • Despite the UK and US sequence being different, in both release orders the last three comics have been parodies.
  • The Professor confuses the glowing green rock on the necklace for Kryptonite, Superman's weakness.

Special Features

Alien language 1 word search and translation key.


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