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Like most TV shows, Futurama was dubbed for foreign audiences when broadcast in their respective nations.

While this Wiki does not cover the foreign versions of the show, it is worth a mention.

Futurama has been dubbed into the following languages:
Chinese Cantonese
Portuguese Brazil
Spanish Spain
Latin America

Foreign voice actors

Chinese Cantonese

Information from the Chinese Wikipedia.


Information from the Czech Wikipedia.


Broadcast season 1-3

Broadcast season 4-5

Since Bender's Big Score

Information from the French Wikipedia.


Information from the German Wikipedia.


Note: Futurama was only dubbed in Hungarian for the two first broadcast season, afterwards it aired in its original English.

Information from the Hungarian Wikipedia.


Information from the Italian Wikipedia.


  • Note: Futurama was broadcast in the original English in Portugal with subtitles.

In Brazil

The original series was dubbed in São Paulo. Season 6 hasn't premiered yet in Brazil. The four movies don't have dubs in the DVDs, although they have aired on television in their dubbed versions.

  • Figueira Júnior: Fry
  • Isaura Gomes: Leela
  • Aldo César: Bender
  • Sílvio Navas: Bender
  • Wellington Lima: Bender
    • When: The movies.
  • Gileno Santoro: Professor Farnsworth
    • When: The original run.
  • José Carlos Guerra: Professor Farnsworth
    • When: The movies.
  • Araken Saldanha: Dr. Zoidberg
    • When: The original run.
  • Guilherme Lopes: Dr. Zoidberg
    • When: The movies.
  • Cassius Romero: Hermes
    • When: Most of the original run.
  • Tatá Guarnieri: Hermes
    • When: The final episodes of the original run.
  • Ramon Campos: Hermes
    • When: The movies.
  • Tânia Gaidarji: Amy
  • Fátima Noya: Amy
  • Raquel Marinho: Amy
    • When: From "War Is the H-Word" on.
  • Daoiz Cabezudo: Zapp
    • When: The original run. (Died in 2006.)
  • Marco Antonio Abreu: Zapp
    • When: The movies.
  • Marcelo Pissardini: Kif and Elzar
    • When: The original run.
  • Helena Samara: Mom
    • When: The original run. (Died in 2007.)
  • Zaíra Zordan: Mom
  • Luiz Carlos de Moraes: Richard Nixon and Wernstrom.
    • When: The original run.
  • Osmiro Campos: Richard Nixon
    • When: "War Is the H-Word".
  • Armando Tiraboschi: Richard Nixon
    • When: The movies.
  • Carlos Silveira: Wernstrom and Igner
    • When: The original run.
  • Antônio Moreno: Calculon and Lrrr
    • When: The original run.
  • Other voices:
    • João Batista
    • Patrícia Scalvi
    • Luís Antônio Lobue
    • Chico Borges
    • Luís Carlos de Moraes
    • Antônio Moreno
    • Paulo Celestino
    • Waldyr de Oliveira
    • Lúcia Helena
    • Eudes Carvalho
    • Christina Rodrigues
    • Wendel Bezerra
    • José Parisi Júnior
    • Paulo Porto

Information from the Portuguese Wikipedia's article on Futurama.

Season 5 alternative cast

When the movies premiered on Rede Telecine, they received a different dub recorded in Rio de Janeiro.


Information from the Russian Wikipedia.


In Spain

In Latin America

The films, Latin America

Information from the Spanish Wikipedia.

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