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"Third run" is the broadcast run of Futurama following the show's second cancellation. The first episode of the third run was released on July 24, 2023.

The third run follows the second run after a gap of 10 years, filled only with a radioplay and a crossover with another animated show. During the hiatus, Futurama's production company, 20th Century Fox was acquired along with the studio and entertainment assets of its parent company, 21st Century Fox, by The Walt Disney Company in 2019, while its former broadcaster of the first run, remained under the Fox Corporation ownership, led by Rupert Murdoch. This led to the reorganization of Fox Television Animation to "20th Television Animation" in September 2020, which now appears in the Futurama ending credits as "30th Television Animation."


On 3 August, 2023, Hulu released a featurette about the third run on Youtube.

Following the success of season 8, Hulu renewed the show for twenty additional episodes on November 2, 2023 across two more seasons.[1]

Season 8

Main article: Season 8
Title Original airdate
Production code TV Broadcast #
The Impossible Stream 24 July 2023 8ACV01 S11E01 141
Children of a Lesser Bog 31 July 2023 8ACV02 S11E02 142
How The West Was 1010001 7 August 2023 8ACV03 S11E03 143
Parasites Regained 14 August 2023 8ACV04 S11E04 144
Related to Items You've Viewed 21 August 2023 8ACV05 S11E05
I Know What You Did Next Xmas 28 August 2023 8ACV06 S11E06
Rage Against the Vaccine 4 September 2023 S11E07
Zapp Gets Cancelled 11 September 2023 S11E08
The Prince and the Product 18 September 2023 S11E09
All the Way Down 25 September 2023 S11E10
The One Amigo 29 July 2024 8ACV11 S12E01
Quids Game 5 August 2024 S12E02
The Temp 12 August 2024 S12E03
Beauty and the Bug 19 August 2024 S12E04
One is Silicon and the Other Gold 26 August 2024 S12E05
Attack of the Clothes 2 September 2024 S12E06


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