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Futurama was created by Matt Groening, and developed jointly with David X. Cohen. Though, Groening had previously created The Simpsons, the most popular and long running animated sitcom ever. Thus, it is only natural that Futurama would include references to The Simpsons occasionally within the show (not to mention, owning the copyright means not having to license material). The Simpsons, too, has referenced Futurama many times. Following is a complete list of connections between Futurama and The Simpsons.


There have been a number of people who work on both The Simpsons and Futurama:


Name Work in The Simpsons Work in Futurama Image
Tress MacNeille She has voiced many characters and has appeared in 311 episodes and counting (for a complete list see here) She has voiced many characters (here) Tress MacNeille.jpg
Dan Castellaneta He has voiced many characters, though he is best known as the voice of Homer Simpson (for a complete list see here), he has performed songs in 43 episodes and has written 4 episodes. He voiced the Robot Devil in "Hell Is Other Robots", "The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings" (he also voiced the Snail) and The Beast with a Billion Backs, he performed songs in the two episodes he appeared in. Dan Castellaneta.jpg
Hank Azaria He has voiced many characters (for a complete list see here), he has performed songs in 13 episodes and has appeared in many of the video games. He voiced Harold Zoid in "That's Lobstertainment!". Hank azaria.jpg
Nancy Cartwright She has voiced many characters, though she is best known as the voice of Bart Simpson (for a complete list see here) and she has performed songs in 17 episodes. She was credited for a soundbyte of Bart Simpson's line "Eat my shorts!" which was said by a doll on the garbage meteor in "A Big Piece of Garbage". Nancy cartwright.jpg
Conan O'Brien He has voiced himself in "Bart Gets Famous" (1F11), written 4 episodes, producer for 48, supervising producer for 6 episodes and wrote the "Monorail Song" in "Marge vs. the Monorail" (9F10). He voiced himself in "Xmas Story". Conan o brien.jpg
Leonard Nimoy He has voiced himelf in "Marge vs. the Monorail" (9F10) and "The Springfield Files" (3G01). He has voiced himself in "Space Pilot 3000" and "Where No Fan Has Gone Before". Nimoy.jpg
Stephen Hawking He has voiced himelf in "They Saved Lisa's Brain" (AABF18), "Don't Fear the Roofer" (GABF10), "Stop or My Dog Will Shoot" (JABF12) and "Elementary School Musical" (MABF21). He has voiced himself in "Anthology of Interest I" and The Beast with a Billion Backs. Stephen hawking.jpg
Frank Welker He voiced Santa's Little Helper and other animals in 19 episodes. He has done a couple of voices, though he is best known for Nibbler. Frank Welker.png


Name Work in The Simpsons Work in Futurama Image
Bill Morrison He was the co-founder for Bongo Comics and has been editor for all The Simpsons and Futurama comics. See left (N/A)
Ian Boothby He has written about 46 comics. He has written 24 comics, including all of The Simpsons crossovers. Ian boothby.jpg
Eric Rogers He has penned about 8 comics. He has penned 16 comics. (N/A)
Patric M. Verrone He has written 4 comics. He has written 4 comics, as well as writing 7 episodes. Patric m verrone.jpg
James Lloyd He has drawn 19 comics. He has drawn 15 comics, including all of 'The Simpsons crossovers. (N/A)
Mike Kazaleh He has drawn 3 comics. He has drawn 12 comics, as well as being a layout artist for the series. Mike Kazaleh.jpg
Tom King He has drawn 1 comic. He has drawn 6 comics, as well as being a layout artist for the series. (N/A)
John Delaney He has drawn 13 comics. He has drawn 11 comics. (N/A)


Name Work in The Simpsons Work in Futurama Image
Matt Groening He is the creator and developer for all episodes, the movie and most games, executive producer for 418 episodes, creative consultant for 139 episodes and character designer for 133 episodes. He is creator, developer and producer for all episodes and films. Matt Groening.jpg
David X. Cohen He did music/lyrics for "The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show" (4F12), was writer for 35 episodes, story editor for 25 episodes, co-producer for 27 episodes, supervising producer for 15 episodes, co-executive producer for 10 episodes, producer for 9 episodes, consulting producer for 2 episodes and executive producer for 2 episodes. He developed and was executive producer for all episodes, voiced The Die of Power in Bender's Game, Fan #2 for the reading of "Futurama Returns" and the Computer in "Love's Labours Lost in Space", did music/lyrics for "Xmas Story" and "The Problem with Popplers", voice director for "Futurama (video game)" and designed one of the robots in the robot strip club. David X. Cohen.jpg
Brian Sheesley He was an animation timer for three episodes in Season 7. He has directed nine episodes. Brian sheesley.jpg

The Simpsons in Futurama

The Simpsons has appeared in Futurama on many occasions:

Season 1

Episode Reference Image
"Space Pilot 3000" (1ACV01)
Blinky, the Three-Eyed Fish, from The Simpsons makes a brief appearance in an underwater section of tube-way Fry travels through. Blinkytube.jpg
The chef on the Panucci's Pizza box is very similar to the chef Luigi in The Simpsons. Panuccipizzabox.jpg
In The Simpsons two part episode "Who Shot Mr. Burns?" (2F16 & 2F20), Smithers dreamt that Mr. Burn} was in a race on the TV. The intro to the race was an information text saying "In Color". The same font and color like in "Space Pilot 3000". "Who Shot Mr. Burns?" aired approximately four years before "Space Pilot 3000" did. Title Caption Episode 0101.png
In an early storyboard of this episode, Fry is watching The Simpsons on TV. This does not appear in the final episode. Spacepilotstoryboard.jpg
Other references: Rodney Dangerfield is drawn similar to his appearance in the Simpsons episode "Burns, Baby Burns" (4F05) as Larry Burns, there is a Ralph Wiggum-like character when Fry rides the tube and the music in the background, while the suicide booth is trying to kill Fry, sounds Simpsons-like in nature. (N/A)
"I, Roommate" (1ACV03)
The sequence in which Fry, Bender, and Leela look at new apartments is very similar to a sequence in "Lisa's First Word" (9F02), in which Homer and Marge search for places to live for their growing family. (N/A)
"Fear of a Bot Planet" (1ACV05)
The Ralph Wiggum-like character, first seen in "Space Pilot 3000", makes a reappearance; he can be seen in the background of Madison Cube Garden. (N/A)
"My Three Suns" (1ACV07)
The badge at second from the bottom of Bender's sash has a profile of Homer Simpson. Homeronsash.jpg
"A Big Piece of Garbage" (1ACV08)
Bart Simpson dolls appear on the garbage meteor and when Bender eats the doll's shorts, he says "Mmm...shorts" which is a reference to one of Homer Simpson's quotes. Bart Simpson doll.png
"Hell Is Other Robots" (1ACV09)
When Fry and Leela open the door to Robot Hell, in the bottom right side of the screen there is a heart with an arrow through etched on the wall, reading "H.S 4 M.B". This means Homer Simpson for Marge Bouvier. Hs4mb.jpg
Dan Castellaneta, a voice actor from The Simpsons, appears in this episode as the Robot Devil. Robot Devil.jpg
"Mars University" (1ACV11)
Bart and Homer dolls are prizes near Coney Island Community College. Also, a character looking a little like Professor Frink is biking past one of the college buildings. The same biker appears when Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth mentions Utah. Homerandbartdolls.jpg
"When Aliens Attack" (1ACV12)
Bender chokes Fry, this is a reference to Homer choking Bart in The Simpsons. (N/A)
"Fry and the Slurm Factory" (1ACV13)
The cartoon clip on the billboard in the opening credits is Bart, Lisa and Maggie in The Simpsons shorts (on The Tracey Ullman Show) episode "Making Faces". Opening Cartoon Episode 0113.png

Season 2

Episode Reference Image
"Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love?" (2ACV05)
The title caption for this episode says "From the network that brought you "The Simpsons"" Title Caption Episode 0205.png
"The Lesser of Two Evils" (2ACV06)
After the atom goes missing, the crew immediately blame Flexo, thinking he is the "evil twin", however it turns out that Bender is in fact the evil one. This is similar to "Treehouse of Horror VII" (4F02), in which Bart's supposedly "evil twin", Hugo, turns out to be the good one of the two, and Bart is the in fact the evil twin. (N/A)
"Put Your Head on My Shoulders" (2ACV07)
Sewing a head on someone's shoulder was previously done in "Treehouse of Horror II" (8F02) with Mr Burns' head being sewn on to Homer's body. Headonbody.jpg
"Anthology of Interest I" (2ACV16)
The Professor calls the final story in this episode absurd, citing "Stephen Hawking in a pizzeria" as especially bad. Interestingly, in "Don't Fear the Roofer" (GABF10), Stephen Hawking buys a Little Caesars pizzeria. Hawkingsimpsons.jpg

Season 3

Episode Reference Image
"Parasites Lost" (3ACV02)
Fry tears off his shirt ala Groundskeeper Willie from the Simpsons in the episode "Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss Song" (1F18).
"A Tale of Two Santas" (3ACV03)
While Leela is saying the logical paradox that is supposed to stop Robot Santa Claus, Bender covers his "ears" to not hear while humming. The tune he hums is The Simpsons. This crossover is unique to the Spanish version. (N/A)
"The Luck of the Fryrish" (3ACV04)
On the shelf in the basement of the old house, there is a head of Bart Simpson. Barthead.jpg
"That's Lobstertainment!" (3ACV08)
Hank Azaria, a voice actor from The Simpsons, appears in this episode as Harold Zoid. Harold zoid.jpg
"Insane in the Mainframe" (3ACV11)
Fry's "Battle droid" attack is like one used in The Simpsons. David X Cohen and his sister used this when they were kids. (N/A)
"Anthology of Interest II" (3ACV18)
When Bender is human, his human alter-ego looks exactly like a 31st century version of Homer Simpson. Bender is overweight and is wearing a white shirt and blue trousers, although he has a lot more hair. Human Bender.jpg
"Roswell that Ends Well" (3ACV19)
One of the stores in the episode is called "Gil's Televisual Radios". Gil is a character from The Simpsons who sold many different items. Gilstvs.jpg
One of the clocks they fly past and that ends up inside the ship is the 'Felix the cat' clock from The Simpsons. Another reference is the way Enos' sergeant yells "Enos!" is the same as the way Superintendent Chalmers yells "Skinner!". Catclock.jpg
"Godfellas" (3ACV20)
This episode is similar to a segment of "Treehouse of Horror VII" (4F02) in which Lisa become god of a tiny race. (N/A)

Season 4

Episode Reference Image
"Leela's Homeworld" (4ACV02)
Among the parts of parade balloons used in creating the hot air balloon that returns to the surface, is a Bart Simpson balloon. Bartballoon.jpg
"A Taste of Freedom" (4ACV05)
"Freedom Day" is a lot like "Do What You Feel Day" in "Bart's Inner Child" (1F05). (N/A)
"Jurassic Bark" (4ACV07)
The hole of the miniature windmill is closed until further notice due to someone being inconsiderate and creating an unsanitary condition. This this is a reference to "Natural Born Kissers" (5F18) in which Homer and Marge have sex at a minigolf windmill. Unsanitarywindmill.jpg
"Where No Fan Has Gone Before" (4ACV11)
In the Head Museum, one of the heads appears to be that of Apu Nahasapeemapetilon from The Simpsons. Apu head.png
"Bend Her" (4ACV13)
The robot at the gender test can't wait for Coilette/Bender because he wants to go home to see "The Simpsons Zombies". In the original version says I have to get home to watch "The Zombie Osbournes". Similar to "A Tale of Two Santas", this crossover is exclusive to the Spanish version. (N/A)
"Obsoletely Fabulous" (4ACV14)
The scene where Bender sees the cymbal banging monkey after waking up is the same one from "The Computer Wore Menace Shoes" (CABF02) where Homer, after waking up from the drugs sees the monkey. Also, Cartridge Unit says WHAT?! and then sticks in the same tape and says WHAT?! The Simpsons have a similar joke where Homer writes on a chalkboard YES, then erases it and writes YES, in the episode "Jaws Wired Shut". (N/A)
"Three Hundred Big Boys" (4ACV16)
This episode is similar to The Simpsons episode "22 Short Films About Springfield" (3F18), which David X Cohen co-wrote. According to the DVD commentary, it is partially based on it. Also, In this episode when the gang hears about their tax refund Amy remarks "I'm slightly richer". This is similar to when Mr. Burns exclaims "We're slightly richer", when he and the "rich side of town" discover some gold in "A Tale of Two Springfields" (BABF20). (N/A)
"The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings" (4ACV18)
Dan Castellaneta, a voice actor from The Simpsons, appears in this episode as the Robot Devil. Dhaipt.jpg


Film Reference Image
Bender's Big Score
When in Egypt, Bender says "Scarab forearm bird bird bird!", which, when translated to heiroglyphs, means "kheper d", then a, w, o, or m three times. In short, nothing. But, this is also the same version of the Egyptian used by Pharaoh Skinner in "Simpsons Bible Stories" (AABF14). Also, Apu, as a head, appears in this film. Scarabforearmscarab.jpg
The Beast with a Billion Backs
The end credits show the actor's name, together with an array of pictures of the characters they voiced. This is similar to simpsons:The Simpsons Movie. Creditsbwabb.jpg
Dan Castellaneta, a voice actor from The Simpsons, appears in this film as the Robot Devil. Devilbwabb.jpg
Bender's Game
Morcs is also the name of the Moe orcs from The Simpsons Game. Another good reference is that Leela has to wear a shock collar. Nelson Muntz was forced to wear one in the Simpsons episode "Brother's Little Helper" (AABF22) and the collar also triggers when Nelson thinks about violence or sexual pleasure, like Leela's collar. (N/A)
Into the Wild Green Yonder
After Brannigan and Bender overhear the conversation between Leela and Fry, using some sort of spying device, Brannigan orders Kif to set the coordinates to 36-24-36. This is Bart's locker combination from The Simpsons. (N/A)
Disco Stu is seen in the crowd, as is Matt Groening's head. Audience.png

Season 6

Episode Reference Image
"In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela" (6ACV02)
The V-Chip censored programs including The Pimpsons and Assarama V-GINY inside.png
"Attack of the Killer App" (6ACV03)
One of the people infected by the Twitt-Worm bear a striking resemblance to Krusty the Clown. Although the faux-Krusty previously appeared in the episode "When Aliens Attack" (1ACV12)
"That Darn Katz!" (6ACV08)
Nibbler's revolver is a Smith and Wesson, the same revolver that Grampa Simpson owned in "Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part One)" (2F16).
"Lrrreconcilable Ndndifferences" (6ACV11)
Matt Groening's head is presented as the creator of The Simpsons. Matt Groening's head.jpg
Bender asks when the second Simpsons movie is coming out, and when shot by Matt Groening, he shouts "D'oh!", Homer Simpson's catch phrase. Another Simpsons movie.png
"The Futurama Holiday Spectacular" (6ACV13)
The Holiday Spectacular is sponsored by Gunderson's Nuts, a possible reference to the Simpsons character Gil Gunderson, who had an idea for unshelled nuts.


Issue Reference Image
"Monkey Sea, Monkey Doom!" (US#001)
Fry is bored and has carved a bust of Homer using plasticine. In addition, the package of Play-doh is rotated so that it reads the word "Doh", his famous quote. Playdohhomer.jpg
At the bottom of the panel, you can see the top of Barts head. Topofbartshead.jpg
"The Owner Of Mars Attacks!" (US#003)
At the market, an Omicronian is buying a Bart Simpson doll. Bartdollcomics.jpg
"Who's Dying to Be a Gazillionaire?" (US#005)
On the cover, Milhouse Van Houten is seen and Fry, Bender, Leela and Amy are on the couch, seen in The Simpsons. Futurama Comic 5.jpg
Fry strangling Farnsworth is similar to Homer strangling Bart in The Simpsons. Strangling.jpg
In the audience there are two heads reminiscent of Marge and Bart. Also, the head to the right could be Grampa. Lookhard.jpg
"Fry Me to the Moon" (US#015)
There is a nerd at the store who resembles Comic Book Guy. Comicbookguycomics.jpg
The director plans to go into pre-production of a live action The Simpsons. Liveactionsimpsons.jpg
"The Time Bender Trilogy: Part 2" (US#018)
Leela talks to the Greek poet Homer and she mistakes him for Homer Simpson. Homergreekpoet.jpg
"Rotten To The Core" (US#027)
Fry has a collection of The Simpsons comics, preserved in perfect condition. Fry argues that the comic is #122, which was published two weeks before this issue. Frysimpsoncollection.jpg
"Let's Twist Again" (US#028)
Fry watches The Simpsons on TV. Simpsonsontv.jpg
"Rust in Peace" (US#039)
There is a Bart Simpson doll at the fair. Bartdollcomicsrip.jpg
"Robot Santa's Little Helpers" (US#040)
The title may be a reference to Santa's Little Helper. (N/A)
"Futurama Returns" (US#S02)
Maude Flanders is seen outside the Carton Network building. Maude.jpg
A character resembling Comic Book Guy appears at Packagecon. Comicbookguyreturns.jpg
"Leela & Amy in Hostile Makeover" (Futurama Conquers The Universe-mini) Mini comic Leela gets a haircut which resembles Marge Simpson's. (N/A)

Futurama/The Simpsons Crossovers

In 2002 and 2005, Bongo comics published four special crossover comics of The Simpsons and Futurama. They are considered non-canon. There are too many references too be listed here, so see individual pages for more information. The first series was called Futurama Simpsons Infinitely Secret Crossover Crisis and consisted of "Somewhere Over the Brain-bow!" and "Liquid Diamond Is Forever!". The second series was called The Simpsons Futurama Crossover Crisis II and consisted of "Slaves of New New York!" and "The Read Menace!".


Reference Image
Zapp Brannigan is slightly based on Troy McClure as a tribute to Phil Hartman. Phil Hartman was the voice of Troy McClure, and was also scheduled to be the voice of Zapp Brannigan until his untimely death. He was instead voiced by Billy West. Zapptroy.jpg
Nine looks faintly similar to Homer. Homernumber9.jpg
Helmut Spargle is very similar to Hans Moleman. MolemanSpargle.jpg
Smitty is faintly similar to Squeaky-Voiced Teen.
Ipgee looks faintly similar to Apu Nahasapeemapetilon. Apuipgee.jpg
Horrible Gelatinous Blob, and his species Blobs, are similar to the re-recurring "Space Mutants" of The Simpsons. Blobsspacemutants.jpg
The Fratbots resemble the characters Benjamin Doug and Gary from The Simpsons: Both Gearshift and Benjamin are the tallest; Oily would be Doug and both Fatbot and Gary are the fattest. Also, they are all students at university. Fratbots.png
The Robot Mafia may resemble the characters Fat Tony, Legs and Louie from The Simpsons: Both Donbot and Fat Tony are the bosses and the fattest; Joey Mousepad would be Legs and Clamps's face looks similar like Louie's. Robot Mafia.jpg
Early versions of the characters in Futurama had five fingers to differentiate from The Simpsons, but it looked weird and was changed. Poster Guy still retains the extra finger. Poster Guy.jpg
Matt Groening mocked The Simpsons commentaries in the commentary for "Love and Rocket" and says that Futurama commentaries are a lot more lively. (N/A)
Fry's middle initial is J. This seems to be a popular choice for Matt Groening characters, having used it for Homer Simpson, Bart Simpson and Grampa on The Simpsons. Matt uses the "J." middle name, referring to one of his favourite shows, The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show. (N/A)
Futurama, like The Simpsons, tends to poke fun at the Fox Broadcasting Company. An example of such would be the Box Network. Box Network.gif
Both of the Anthology of Interest episodes (and to a lesser extent, the Comics) are similar in nature to The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Halloween episodes. (N/A)

Emmy Awards

Both The Simpsons and Futurama have been nominated several times (up to 2010) for Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program (for Programming Less Than One Hour):

Year Futurama episode The Simpsons episode Result
1999 "A Big Piece of Garbage" "Viva Ned Flanders" (AABF06) Neither (King of the Hill)
2000 No nomination "Behind the Laughter" (BABF19) The Simpsons
2001 "Amazon Women in the Mood" "HOMR" (BABF22) The Simpsons
2002 "Roswell that Ends Well" "She of Little Faith" (DABF02) Futurama
2003 "Jurassic Bark" "Three Gays of the Condo" (EABF12) The Simpsons
2004 "The Sting" "The Way We Weren't" (FABF13) Neither (Samurai Jack)
2005 Cancelled "Future-Drama" (GABF12) Neither (South Park)
2006 Cancelled "The Seemingly Never-Ending Story" (HABF06) The Simpsons
2007 Cancelled "The Haw-Hawed Couple" (JABF02) Neither (South Park)
2008 No nomination "Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind" (KABF02) The Simpsons
2009 No nomination "Gone Maggie Gone" (LABF04) Neither (South Park)
2010 No nomination "Once Upon a Time in Springfield" (LABF20) Yet to air

Futurama in The Simpsons

Futurama has appeared in The Simpsons on several occasions:


Season 5

Futurama had not yet premiered.

Episode Reference Image
"Rosebud" (1F01) In Burns's dream about the future, he appears as a head in a jar (with robotic body).
This episode aired approximately 5 and a half years before Futurama started.
"Bart Gets Famous" (1F11) There is a head in a jar in a dream about the future from Bart.
This episode aired approximately 5 years and a month before Futurama started.
"Homer Loves Flanders" (1F14) Kent Brockman gives a report on the U.S. Army, which he describes as a "Kill-Bot Factory".
This episode aired exactly 5 years and 11 days before Futurama started.
Simpsons 1F14 Killbot Factory.jpg

Season 6

Episode Reference Image
"Itchy & Scratchy Land" (2F01) The robotic arms behind Professor Frink are very similar to the arms of Bender in form (even with three fingers) and colours.
This episode aired approximately 4 and a half years before Futurama started.

Season 8

Episode Reference Image
"Treehouse of Horror VII" (4F02) The city is built around the tooth Lisa keeps a resemblance to the city of New New York, especially the Tube Transport System.
This episode aired approximately 2 and a half years before Futurama started.
Some of the ships leaving the miniature city are similar to the Planet Express ship. Shipsinsimpsons.jpg
"Homer's Phobia" (4F11) A Robot Santa Claus (similar to Futurama's) appears in this episode.
This episode aired approximately 2 years and a month before Futurama started.

Season 10

Episode Reference Image
"Treehouse of Horror X" (AABF01) In the opening credits, David "Watch Futurama" Cohen appears as executive producer. Watchuturamacohen.jpg
"Mayored to the Mob" (AABF05) Üter Zörker is seen wearing a Futurama T-Shirt at the Bi-Mon-Sci-Fi-Con.
This episode aired approximately 3 months before Futurama started.

Season 11

Futurama had been premiered by this time.

Episode Reference Image
"Missionary: Impossible" (BABF11) Bender is seen working for Fox. Benderonpbs.jpg

Season 12

Episode Reference Image
"HOMR" (BABF22) The couch gag shows the family enter through tubes with Bart replaced by Fry, only for Fry to be sucked up and replaced by Bart. Fryonthecouch.jpg
"Trilogy of Error" (CABF14) Linguo bears a slight resemblance to Bender. For example in the shape of the head and antenna. Moreover, Homer gets Linguo to drink beer which again may be a reference to Bender. Linguia.jpg

Season 14

Episode Reference Image
"Bart vs. Lisa vs. the Third Grade" (DABF20) Bart starts to hallucinate due to lack of sleep and sees Bender among other TV show characters. Bartvslisavs3rdgrade.jpg
"Helter Shelter" (DABF21) A model of the Planet Express Ship is on Comic Book Guy's shelf. Cbg'sshelf.jpg

Season 15

Episode Reference Image
"I, (Annoyed Grunt)-Bot" (FABF04) Bender's name appears on a videotape fighting Killhammad Aieee. Benderfighttape.jpg
"My Big Fat Geek Wedding" (FABF12) Matt Groening appears in this episode as the creator of Futurama, signing Bender dolls at Bi-Mon-Sci-Fi-Con Springfield. He also draws a sketch of Fry for a fan. Groeningpromo.jpg
"Catch 'Em If You Can" (FABF14) There is a Futurama poster on one wall of the store videos. Futuramaposter.jpg
"Fraudcast News" (FABF18) The Squeaky-Voiced Teen attempts suicide and, while jumping off a cliff, screams "Why did they cancel Futurama?" (N/A)

Season 16

Episode Reference Image
"Future-Drama" (GABF12) Bender appears in the hovercar Homer and Bart are driving after crossing a "quantum tunnel". There are references to heads preserved in jars, Hovercars and cities similar to Futurama. Homer's under water house is resembles one that Fry considers buying in "I, Roommate". The title, "Future-Drama", is an obvious reference to the title of Futurama itself. Bender on the Simpsons.jpg

Season 19

Episode Reference Image
"That 90's Show" (KABF04) Homer mentions that Matt Groening was working hard to release Futurama during the 1990s. (N/A)

Season 20

Episode Reference Image
"Lisa the Drama Queen" (KABF22) The "Two-nicorn" belches out rainbows and then exclaims "I didn't know I could do that!" This is very similar to Stephen Hawking shooting lasers out of his eyes and then saying the same sentence in The Beast with a Billion Backs. (N/A)

Video Games

Game Reference Image
"The Simpsons Wrestling" At the scene of the spaceship of Kang and Kodos, Leela and Bender are among the public. Simpsonswrestling.jpg
"The Simpsons Game" Bender and Dr. Zoidberg are characters at the end of Level 15 - "In Search Of an Author." Fry also appears in a painting from Matt Groening. Simpsonsgame.jpg

Comics and Books

"Simpsons Comics"

Issue Reference Image
#11 There is an album that has a picture that looks a lot like Kif.
This issue was published approximately 3 and three quarter years before Futurama started.
#46 The dialogue between Dolph and Nelson is clearly allusive to Futurama. Nelson says "I just wanted to draw robots and an alien girl with one eye which I saw on TV the other night". (N/A)
#50 There is a cameo appearance by Fry at the wall. (Top centre) Frysimpsonscomics.jpg
#84 On the cover the hair of Leela and Fry can be seen. (Centre right) Simpsonscomic84.jpg
#85 There is a cameo appearance by Bender on the cover of the "Corporate Annual Reports" of Bongo. Bongoreport.jpg
#95 Homer (nearly) exclaims "Bite my shiny metal ass", Bender's phrase. Homersma.jpg
#99 There is a cameo appearance by Bender. Bender99.jpg
#100 There is a cameo appearance by Bender. (Centre) Bender100.jpg
"Monkey Sea, Monkey Doom!"'s" cover appears in a pile of comic books. Msmd100.jpg
#128 Bender appears on one of the TV channels. Bendertvchannel.jpg
#145 There is a comic book entitled "Anthology of Interest" with a a Bender-like robot on the cover. Aoi145.jpg


Publication Issue Reference Image
"Bart Simpson" #14 Space Boy in Outer Space and "Fry Me to the Moon" appear on the back cover of the comic that Homer is reading on the front cover. Bartsimpsoncomics14.jpg
#25 Someone wants to sell Bart a Futurama comic that has been peed on by a cat. Comicpeedon.jpg
#31 There is a cameo appearance by Bender at the Bi-Mon-Sci-Fi-Con. Bendercomics31.jpg
"Bart Simpson's Treehouse of Horror" #5 There is a head inside a jar and Mr Burns is holding a head similar to that of Bender. Toh5burnshead.jpg
#7 Fry is seen in the crowd of people on the last panel. Toh7fry.jpg
"Radioactive Man" #7 The Sea Monkeys are similar to those seen in "Monkey Sea, Monkey Doom!". Seamonkeyrm.jpg
Dr Crab, one of Radioactive Man's enemies, is similar to Zoidberg. Drcrab.jpg
"Simpsons Super Spectacular" #6 The Planet Express crew appear at the end of this comic. Ssspec.jpg
"Bart Simpson's Treehouse of Horror Heebie-Jeebie Hullabaloo" Kang and Kodos are in the office of Matt Groening, surrounded by all kinds of articles from The Simpsons, along with a poster of Bender and the Planet Express ship hanging from the ceiling. Heebiejeebie.jpg
"The Simpsons Holiday Humdinger" There is a toy of Robot Santa Claus when Comic Book Guy is daydreaming of being Santa. Humdinger.jpg
"Simpsons Winter Wing Ding" There is a toy of Robot Santa Claus in this comic. Wingding.jpg
"Free Comic Book Day" 2005 The two covers for this comic include Futurama comics on them. This issue also has "The Bender You Say" among the comics inside it. This first cover has "The Owner of Mars Attacks!" on it. Fcbd1.jpg
2005 The second cover has "The Time Bender Trilogy: Part 3" on it. Fcbd2.jpg
"The Simpsons Library of Wisdom: Comic Book Guy's Book of Pop Culture" "Bite my shiny metal ass" appears in his personal greatest quotes of all time Bmsmasimpsons.jpg
A "Bender blender" appears in his best apartment ever. Benderblender.jpg

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