Fry Me to the Moon

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Fry Me to the Moon
US Publish Number15
UK Publish Number(s)20, 21
Written byEric Rogers
Art byJohn Delaney
Title captionI Can't Believe it's not Animated!
Published (US)8th October, 2003
Published (UK)2nd June, 2005 (part 1)
30 June, 2005 (part 2)
Title referenceReference to the Frank Sinatra song Fly Me To The Moon.

"Fry Me to the Moon" is the fifteenth comic issue, which was released 8 October, 2003 in the US and 2 June, 2005 in the UK.

The Story

Act I

Fry and Bender get Frank Miller to sign Fry's copy of Space Boy, a comic which he read as a kid. While there he discovers that there are auditions for a Space Boy movie and Fry wants the role of Space Boy. Fry manages to impress Marty the director and he is hired for the job and Bender is hired as Calculon's buffer for his nude scenes. Leela however, is concerned that Fry will become a movie star and not work at Planet Express anymore. Fry then gets a contract to sign which Leela is suspicious about since it is written in an alien language, though Fry gets her and Amy a job in the movie. Fry only gets a few pages of script instead of the entire thing which Marty says he wants to keep it more real. During filming Calculon is replaced by a look-alike for a fight scene which turns into a giant, deadly robot.

Act II

Fry gets pulverised by the robot and realises that the acting will be bad for his health. Leela exchanges Monopoly money to Raoul so she can get the alien language on the script translated. Fry is filming a scene with a brain slug on his head and Leela takes him to his trailer to tell him that he will die at the end of the film which is why the script is given in parts and if Fry quits he will be locked in a room and be forced to watch Glitter on a continuous loop until he dies or goes insane. The only other option is to get fired but that backfires as Fry accidentally acts like a real movie star which thrills Marty. Fry is about to be killed the next day and Zoidberg gets hold of the script. Fry is about to be killed when Moon Woman comes to save him and turns out to be Leela. However it only makes things worse and they are about to both be killed. Filming then has to stop since the ending was supposed to be secret but it is now posted all over the internet by Zoidberg. The film makers then decide to make a live action version of The Simpsons and Bender plans to sell objects used by famous people.

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    Fry: Professor?! What are you doing here?
    Farnsworth: You tell me, it's your daydream!
    Zoidberg: And Zoidberg makes three! Hooray for hallucinations!

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