The Read Menace!

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The Read Menace!
US Publish NumberX04
UK Publish Number(s)017
Written byIan Boothby
Art byJames Lloyd
Title captionNone
Published (US)23 March, 2005
Published (UK)10 March, 2005
Title referenceReference to the 1949 movie, The Red Menace.
In trade paperbackThe Simpsons Futurama Crossover Crisis

The Story

Act I

The characters from books have taken over New New York and the Planet Express delivery crew, along with the Professor, Amy, Zoidberg and the Simpsons attempt to escape in the Planet Express ship. They are soon attacked by pulp fiction spaceships and so, lacking a good plan, to go faster they paint flames and lightning bolts onto the ship. When they take a break from painting, Bender throws a beer towards Homer but he misses it and the bottle blows up the ships. They are then brought aboard the Nimbus which has been taken over by Springfielders under the leadership of Smithers who is living out his dream of being a space pirate. Leela asks for help to save Earth, but Smithers refuses until he is told that Mr Burns is dating Mom. Back in Earth's atmosphere, Smithers presses the wrong button and everyone falls out of the Nimbus, renting parachutes on the way, they land in a crowd of fictional characters. The New New Yorkers and the Simpsons are attacked by characters from their favourite books, Bart tells them that his family is also fictional and the Simpsons are allowed to go.

Act II

They reach the Planet Express building and look through the Professor's inventions for ways to stop the fictional characters. Lisa uses the What-If Machine to ask what if they knew how to defeat the fictional characters. They go to Fry's apartment and take a page out of the first Simpsons Comic and put it in the vortex the fictional characters came out of, this causes the giant Homer from that comic to emerge. They offer him a beer if he stops the fictional characters. It works, but then they have the giant Homer to deal with. They hire Sal to move the vortices and are able to send giant Homer and the rest of Springfield back to their mental realms. Later, as Larry and Igner reminisce over their brief time with two parents, inside MomCorp Mom uses a lock of hair to create a clone of Mr. Burns...

Additional Info


  • The What-If machine only allows three questions a year.
  • This is the first time the Space Pope has spoken.


    Zapp: Leela what a sexy surprise.
    Smithers: Did I give you permission to stop go-go dancing?

    Bart: Why are you all standing in shadow?
    Spider Man: Copyright protection!

    Lisa: This must be so odd for Dad. I can't even imagine what he's thinking.
    Homer: [thinking] that's what the inside of my nose looks like.

    Lisa: That's a great picture! So realistic!
    Fry: Yeah, so much so that Leela crashes into it almost every week.

    Leela: It's working! Now he's hugging the TV. Now he's kissing the TV.
    Bender: Now he's...ew! Well, that's one building I'm never going into again!


Outside References


  • Hattie's clothes are the wrong colour.
  • When Bender falls apart, his eyes are balls instead of long bulbs
  • Morbo and Linda appear to have once more been placed in New New York rather than Los Angeles.
  • Leela requests twelve parachutes but only eleven are used as Marge is carrying Maggie.


(In alphabetic order)

The Simpsons Characters

(In alphabetic order)
  • Bart Simpson
  • Hans Moleman
  • Homer Simpson (issue #87 and issue #1 variants)
  • Lisa Simpson
  • Maggie Simpson
  • Marge Simpson
  • Mr. Burns
  • Smithers

Other Fictional Characters

Comic Credits