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From left to right: Oily, Fatbot, & Gearshift.
LocationMars University
Organisation typeMembers of Epsilon Rho Rho
First appearance"Mars University" (1ACV11)

The Fratbots are the three active members of the robot fraternity Epsilon Rho Rho. Gearshift is chapter president, while Oily and Fatbot round out the active member list. Gearshift laments they constitute "the lamest frat on campus" (adding that Hillel throws better parties), and begs Bender, a legendary member of the fraternity, for help. He obliges, and despite their "dodeca-tuple secret probation," hijinks commence. First, they climb a ladder to spy on the Dorm Girls' computer (and fall, demolishing Snooty House's servant quarters). A visit to the Dean's office does not go well. Finally, Bender enters them in the Big Fraternity Raft Regatta, helping them to an unlikely but delicious win; consequently Dean Vernon must grudgingly serve as Grand Marshall in a parade honoring Epsilon Rho Rho.

The Bots[edit]



Trivia: He is the chapter president.
Quotes: "Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Gearshift, chapter president. This is Oily, and this here is Fatbot."



Trivia: Appears as one of the broken robots in the crowd at Bend-Aid. Note that this is not necessarily the same character, as it could merely be a different robot of the same model.
Quotes: [Playing chess] "Mate in 143 moves."



Trivia: Once caught a virus in Tijuana and had to be rebooted. When nervous, he gets hungry.
Quotes: "W-when I'm nervous, I get hungry."
"He's here, Ohhh! He's Here!"

Additional Info[edit]


  • They resemble the characters Benjamin, Doug, and Gary from The Simpsons: Gearshift would be Benjamin (he's the tallest); Oily would be Gary and Fatbot would be Doug (he's the fattest).