Futurama Conquers The Universe

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Futurama Conquers The Universe
Futurama Conquers The Universe B.jpg
US Publish Numbers 010, 011, 012, 013
UK Publish Numbers 012, 013, 014, 015, 016
Published (US) 2007

The Stories

Issue 10

"The Big Sweep" After a meteor shower, Scruffy and the crew are selected by hall of fame coach Vic Lebruteski to become an Olympic swurling team.

Issue 11

"The Cure for the Common Clod" On a delivery, Fry catches the common cold. It had been cured on Earth, and the cure was forgotten. Soon the whole of New New York is infected, and only a society of unlikely heroes can save the day.

Issue 12

"Sideshow Fry" When the staff of Planet Express visit the circus, Fry reveals his outie belly button and catches the eye of the circus owner as a new freak for the sideshow.

Issue 13

"The Bender You Say" Bender's attempts to improve his culinary skills leads him to a job filling in for the Robot Devil.

New Content

"Leela & Amy in Hostile Makeover" With Fry, Bender and Zoidberg out of the office, Leela is bored, so Amy takes her to get a makeover. First she gets a hairstyle and outfit identical to Amy's. Amy sees that the new look has made Leela more attractive to men, so she continues the makeover, giving her a baggy dress and a wig in Marge Simpson's hair style and colour. The men are disgusted, so Leela takes Amy for a makeover putting her in very revealing clothes, and taking her other clothes to a bin so that Amy has to shoplift the clothes and is arrested, while she returns to her normal outfit and hairstyle.

Additional Info


  • The alternate cover art on this paperback is available as an animation cell.
  • No Australian release of this trade paperback is scheduled.
  • "Leela & Amy in Hostile Makeover" also appears in Bongo Comics Free-For-All #4 (the 2009 issue)