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EuropaEuropeEvan Gore
Everybody Loves HypnotoadEveryone v. Farnsworth
Evil LincolnEvil Wizard
Evolutionary arms raceExecu-Tor
Executive AlphaExecutive BetaExecutive Gamma
Exit 51Extreme Toddler Wrestling
Extreme Walrus JuiceEyePhone
EyePhone salesman
F-rayFCC V-Chip
Fairness in Hell Act of 2275Fairy
Fake Planet Express crewFalafel cart man
Family Bros. PizzaFamily Guy
Famous Original Ray's Superior Court
Famous Original Ray's Superior Court judgeFan fiction
Farnsworth's grandmother
Farnsworth's operation clothesFarnsworth's parentsFarnsworth's tennis instructor
Farnsworth (disambiguation)
Farnsworth FoundationFarnsworth Lanes
Farnsworth novelty disintegrator rayFashion
Fast Frank BroganFast cars
Father Changstein El-Gamal
Fathers Against Rude TelevisionFawn
Fear of a Bot Planet
Feldspar QueenFelicityFellowship
Female CDC scientistFembot
FeministasFeministas' ship
FenderFermion-barrier heat-exclusion sprayFifty-Year Squirts
Filmer's Choice Camera
Films in Futurama
Financial Aid Dorm
First Amalgamated ChurchFirst Destruction of New York City
First Omicronian invasion of EarthFirst Planet Express crew
First Robot capable of qualifying for a boat loan
Fishy Joe's
Five-eyed womanFlabbo-dynamic spandex bodysuitFlabby
FlebFleischer-Style Character DesignsFleur de Liz Parfum
FloridaFlorpFloyd Farnsworth
Fly Mutant
Flying Spaghetti Monster (character)Flying Spaghetti Monster (disambiguation)Flying Spaghetti Monster (species)
FnogFollow the Reader
Food-O-MatFor Your Eyes Mainly
Forbidden Planet HollywoodForbidden Zone
ForeignerForty Percent LeadbellyForward time machine
FoundryFountain of Aging
Four-dimensional space whalesFour-legged mimic
Fourth DoctorFourth Omicronian invasion of Earth
FoxFox Broadcasting Company
Fox Network (in-universe)Fox technician
FranceFrancine (disambiguation)
Francine (human)Francine (robot)Francine and Gerald's child
Francis X. ClampazzoFrank Marino
Frank TubesteakFrank WelkerFrank Welker's head
Franklin D. Roosevelt's head
FratbotsFreaky Fry-day
Free WaterfallFree Waterfall, Jr.Free Waterfall, Sr.
Free Waterfall III
Free Will HuntingFreedom Day
Freedom tub
French languageFrida Waterfall
FroadFronty's Meat Market
Fry's Greatest Holophonor Hits
Fry's breakdancing crew
Fry's cousinFry's cuckooFry's destiny
Fry's guinea pigFry's house
Fry's old apartmentFry's parrot
Fry's pastFry's sisterFry, Bender and Leela's replacements
Fry-Amy relationshipFry-Bender relationshipFry-Leela relationship
Fry (disambiguation)
Fry Am the Egg ManFry Cook!
Fry Me to the Moon
Fry and Leela's Big FlingFry and the Double-Bag Must-Have Item
Fry and the Slurm Factory
Fry family
Fry memeFrydo
FryfroFulcrum County Prism
Full Metal RacketFun on a Bun
Fun on the bun
FunkalisticsFutraMedia Foundation
Futurama: The Collected EpicsFuturama: The Complete Collection (original run)
Futurama: The Complete Collection 1999-2009Futurama: The Complete SeriesFuturama: The Time Bender Trilogy
Futurama (disambiguation)
Futurama (video game)Futurama (website)Futurama - Welcome to the World of Tomorrow
Futurama Adventures
Futurama Comics: To Infinity!