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Tertiary character
AgeOver a billion years
SpeciesEnergy being
Planet of originSun
First appearance"The Inhuman Torch" (7ACV18)
Voiced byMaurice LaMarche

Flamo is the name that Bender gave to a being of pure solar energy whose race inhabits the nuclear inferno of the sun's photosphere. [7ACV18] Flamo told Bender that, a billion years prior, he attempted to overthrow the democratically elected aldermen from his district, but was captured and imprisoned. He claims that no power on Earth can extinguish him.

In 3013, after a mission to the solar helium mine, Bender unknowingly transported Flamo to New New York, where Flamo then set many fires, framing Bender. Flamo was planning to make his way to Earth's core, to turn the planet into a miniature sun that he could rule, so Bender took him to the Arctic, where Flamo could not do any more harm. However, after Fry arrived in the Planet Express ship, Flamo managed to escape to the Planet Express headquarters, where he then started a fire. He evaded the rest of the crew, who were putting out the fire, and went into the lava pit beneath the building, but Bender caught him, and the mystic aldermen of the sun came to take him back.


Flamo was first seen in a preview clip for broadcast season 10, in February 2013. [1]

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    Flamo: Turn back, Bender. Turn back or else!
    Bender: Or else what? [Flamo burns up the boat that they are in.] Oh. Or else that.

    Flamo: You can't keep me here forever. Sooner or later, a polar bear will happen by. A nice, flammable polar bear.

    Bender: It was a psychotic flame creature from the sun who set those fires.
    Fry: Flame creature?
    Bender: That's right.
    Fry. Meet Flamo.
    Fry: That's not a flame creature. It's your pilot light.
    Bender: No! It's a fire monster from outer space, and I'm heroically saving the world by trapping him here.

    Hermes: It's like the flame has a mind of its own!
    Leela: It's deaky. Freaky deaky!


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