Exobiology Station 38

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Exobiology Station 38
Exobiology Station 38.jpg
View of the planetoid and research station from the Nimbus
TypeResearch Outpost
UsageBear Studies
First appearance"Children of a Lesser Bog" (8ACV02)

Exobiology Station 38 is a DOOP research outpost, situated on an unnamed planetoid in Ursa Major. It is first mentioned in Children of a Lesser Bog. After a lengthy absence of communications from the outpost, a mission is despatched to investigate the cause of the loss of communications. Kif is ordered to go on the mission, with Zapp Brannigan. After arriving, they meet the Whale Biologist, and encounter the local tardigrade bear population.


The research outpost, from the surface.

Loss of communications occurred in 3023, due to damage the local bear population caused to the transmitter.


The research station includes a radio antenna which regularly communicates with Earth.

Life forms

There is a population of tardigrades, of macroscopic megafauna size, living on the planetoid.

There is also at least one human, the Whale Biologist, living at the outpost.

Locations of Interest

A cave, populated by tardigraves.



Additional Info


The view of the outpost from the Nimbus appears to show stars in the form of the constellation Usra Major immediately below the south-south-west pole of the planetoid. That is the same constellation that Zapp Brannigan said the outpost was in.

The planetoid appears too small to support an atmosphere, but lifeforms are able to survive without environmental suits on its surface.


"Children of a Lesser Bog" (8ACV02)