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Tertiary character
Fnog in front of the Destructor.
First appearance"Raging Bender" (2ACV08)
Voiced byDavid Herman

Master Fnog was a sexist martial arts teacher at the Cookieville Minimum Security Orphanarium.


Among his students was the then teenage Leela, who was one of his most promising Arcturan Kung Fu pupils. However, Fnog believes that the very best fighters must possess the Will of the Warrior, which he believes no female being can have, thus he refused to let Leela attend to the Junior Championships and continuously teased her. In February of 3001, he was trainer for the new Ultimate Robot Fighting League star Destructor. Leela discovered that Fnog did not so much train but instead remote controlled Destructor in the title bout against Bender (2ACV08). After discovering Fnog's ploy, Leela achieved her revenge by beating Fnog in Kung Fu. He was next seen attending the Violet Dwarf Star Implosion ceremony eight years after his loss to Leela (ITWGY).

Additional Info



    Fnog: Perhaps. But there is more to winning than beating your opponent. You lack the Will of the Warrior.

    Fnog: Most amusing: girl who acts like fighter, training fighter who acts like girl!

    Fnog: See you in Girl Hell! I'll be in Boy Hell. Much nicer.