Fry Cook!

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Fry Cook!
Futurama Comic 51.png
US Publish Number51
UK Publish Number(s)59
Written byEric Rogers
main comicJames Lloyd
mini comicMike Kazaleh
Title captionThe black light bonanza continues! Poster #2 of 6 inside!
Published (US)29 September, 2010

Fry Cook! is the fifty-first comic issue, released 29 September, 2010 in the US.

The Story

Act I

The crew are about to pass through a space cargo weigh station and need to be under 50 tons, so Leela has the guys dump excess weight. Fry returns to the bridge having dumped Bender's gold coffin and anchor collection, leaving the ship a few pounds overweight. Leela tells Bender to dump whatever is in his hands as there is no time, he protests but then complies and dumps their food. After they pass the checkpoint successfully, the organic life forms ask Bender to make them some food. A few hours later the others are still mad at Bender and are starving by the time they arrive at Omicron Persei 8. Fry assembles a few engine parts to look like a sandwich, but Leela slaps it away. Ndnd accepts the exercise equipment and the offer of a discount in exchange for food but Lrrr is eating the "sandwich" and likes it so much he forces Fry to be the new royal chef.

Act II

Bender makes his way to the royal kitchen and locks Fry in a closet so that he can prove himself the better chef. Fry complains that he would have let Bender cook as he doesn't know what he's doing. The Omicronians and their snail-like guests send a guard to find out what the delay is. Bender reveals that he had a jar of Vegemite the entire time and Fry makes a pile of sandwiches then takes them out to the dining area. The guests choose this moment to seize control of the planet, but as Lrrr talked Fry's skills up, they want to keep him as chef. Leela enters the kitchen having stolen a Fishy Joe's uniform from the delivery boy and she and Bender devise a plan to rescue Fry, but it fails miserably. However the snails have eaten the sandwiches and the salt content kills them. The crew run off and then escape in the ship, deciding they can go a few days without food.

Additional Info


  • Based on the scale built into the ship, the ship itself weighs slightly under 30 tons.
  • Ndnd suggests that she and Lrrr have no children because of his reproductive issues.


  • The ship apparently weighs more than Jabba due to excess cargo.


  • Fry would rather eat Bender's "famous Lobrau battered anchovies-and-chips" than eat at Fishy Joe's. While it is possible that the Encyclopod brought anchovies back from extinction, Bender is a terrible cook.
  • Bender is once again claimed to be the ship's cook, despite now being the assistant manager of sales, and apparently hates cooking.
  • Fry is able to pull Vegemite out of a jar and wrap it around a stick like one would with honey. Vegemite in the 20th and 21st centuries was far too viscous for this to be possible.
  • Whilst carrying Deandra, Kif claims his spine is snapping, but he hasn't got one and is in fact supported by a system of fluid filled bladders.
  • Glab's uniform is incorrectly coloured at the baby shower.

Special Features

Futurama Comic 51 Poster.png
  • According to the promotional blurb "this issue features the second of six awesome Futurama posters, suitable for unfolding." Like the previous issue's poster, it is a black light poster. The poster is a recoloured variant of the cover of Futurama Adventures.
  • Comic - Captain Zapp Brannigan in The Seven Day Itch
    Zapp is set up on a blind date at Elzar's, dragging Kif along in case she was unattractive. The date goes so well that they get married the next day. Two days later, Zapp's wife is pregnant with septuplets. Another two days later, the seven boys are born and Zapp is served divorce papers. On the seventh day Kif brings Zapp proof the children aren't his. She'd already revealed this to Zapp and told him the marriage was only to get his money, he gave the court Kif's bank information instead. Zapp heads off on a "date" where he'll interview potential nannies for the children.


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